Laporta destroys Tebas and his ‘Barca phobia’


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These two don’t really like each other. For several months, Javier Tebas and Joan Laporta have been clashing on multiple subjects through the press, from the Superleague project to the financial constraints imposed on Barça. The Blaugrana president is once again opposed to the La Liga president after the reports emerged regarding the ‘Negreira case’. The Catalan club are accused of having paid 1.3 million euros to José Maria Enriquez Negreira for consultations on arbitration between 2016 and 2018, when the latter was vice-president of the technical committee of referees. This controversy did not fail to react Javier Tebas, who notably called for the resignation of the Catalan leader. During a press conference, Joan Laporta answered him dryly: “Tebas took off his mask again. He has a phobia against Barcelona. Tebas always appears repeatedly to destabilize us. I will not give him the pleasure: FC Barcelona belongs to his socios. Whoever decides to defile the history of the club will have a forceful response. Tebas knows he can no longer control Barça from a distance with me, as he used to. The party is over “

Barca have launched an internal investigation

Joan Laporta defended himself on the cheating charges, assuring that the club were carrying out an internal investigation and that nothing illegal had been found at this stage: “We have decided to outsource the investigation into the “Negreira case”: they are carrying out an independent and rigorous investigation to find out what happened. This is what the club, its members and its supporters deserve. Neither the prosecution nor the police have informed us that we are under investigation. During my first mandate, invoices were drawn up with the documents requested by the arbitration services. When we have more information, we will provide it. We are conducting an internal investigation and will soon hold a press conference where we will provide all the information we have. »

To sum up

Joan Laporta took the floor to tackle Javier Tebas and defend Barca following the accusations made after the payment of more than one million euros to the vice-president of the technical committee of referees.

Laporta destroys Tebas and his ‘Barca phobia’ 24hfootnews.

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