In Saudi Arabia, Cristiano Ronaldo bites his fingers


Leaving with a bang from Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo remains frustrated at not having been able to say goodbye to his former teammates. It must be said that the termination of his contract took place during the World Cup. Today at Al-Nassr after signing a record contract at €200m per year, he misses his former teammates and he would like to be able to say goodbye to them.

Raphaël Varane, Casemiro, Bruno Fernandes and… Harry Maguire. If the first three names seem logical, the fourth may surprise. Very close to the first two during their joint adventure at real Madrid and of Bruno Fernandes within the Portugal team, the desire to CR7 to have to Harry Maguire may surprise. There had been talk of an annoyance from the Portuguese star about him, claiming that he no longer started.

An invitation to Al-Nassr…

According to the British media The Sun, Cristiano Ronaldo would have invited these four players to Al Nassr to thank them and give them a proper goodbye, in person. Cristiano Ronaldo could do it with Bruno Fernandes in selection, but at the World Cup, he did not meet the Brazil, the France and england.

…and in his villa

According to The Sun, Varane, Casemiro, Fernandes and Maguire are the few players of Manchester United to keep in touch with Cristiano Ronaldo. And it is for this reason that the Portuguese star would like to invite them to see each other one last time, whether at Al-Nassr, or in his villa in Lisbon which he is currently building. If he finds a starred cook who can simmer good meals, there is no doubt that the five friends will spend an unforgettable vacation together.

In Saudi Arabia, Cristiano Ronaldo bites his fingers 24hfootnews.

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