Gunther thinks Brock Lesnar may be his ‘end boss’


WWE on BT Sport’s Twitter

It’s apparently not in the cards for this year’s WrestleMania, but WWE knows there’s a lot of interest in a match they teased at Royal Rumble — Gunther vs. Brock Lesnar.

The Intercontinental champion is interested, too. Gunther was a guest on The Rob Brown Show recently, and talked about sharing the ring with Brock — and where he hopes that face-off eventually leads:

“Of course, I wanted [the moment with Lesnar in the Rumble].

“I mean, Brock is a one-in-a-million guy or one in 10 million or something like that. I always liked those guys that just stood out from the pack. I stopped watching wrestling for a while when I was a teenager and then I got back into it again when I started training. There was a time when Brock was young but he was wrestling Eddie [Guerrero] and Big Show and Kurt Angle and stuff, and the guy was fantastic. A beast. I always loved his matches and was always very impressed with that.

“And also with the recent years in WWE, I always thought it would be a thing for a wrestler and my style and stuff, that’s my end boss, if that makes sense. I get portrayed as the end boss in wrestling for a lot of guys, but I think Brock could be my end boss. I really hope that match goes down at some point.”

As WALTER, the Ring General was the “end boss” for Ilja Dragunov in NXT UK. When (if?) his IC title reign ends, it will probably be treated in a similar fashion. Lesnar certainly makes sense as someone who could play that role for Gunther on the main roster.

Will it happen? WWE’s handled Gunther pretty perfectly thus far, and — right now — all signs point to that continuing. Including by eventually giving us we want with a Brock match.

Stay tuned.

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