Eugenie Bouchard, between lace and sensuality!


Eugenie Bouchard never misses an opportunity to leave her fans breathless on Instagram, with truly daring and sensual outfits.

Recently, right on Instagram, Genie showed off a tiny black dress, with a plunging neckline and a miniskirt.

Just a few hours earlier, she had enchanted her followers with a photo of her taken during a concert, in which she wore a black shirt, with a generous neckline, transparencies and lace.

Here are the pictures!

Bouchard during the injury

Genie Bouchard came back to play again at the end of last season, following a lengthy 17-month hiatus due to shoulder surgery. Since your return to the Tour, in mid-August 20233, you have played in five major main draw tournaments, collecting 5 wins and 5 defeats, a considerable haul considering the long stop.

The 28-year-old native of Montreal during her break worked on television as a commentator on the Tennis Channel, although she had missed her tennis very much.

She said: “I much prefer playing tennis. It was nice to do different activities off the court while I was out. Honestly, being on live TV has helped me fill that need for adrenaline that I was missing from playing tennis. He played that up a bit. He pushed me to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone. I prefer to sweat on the court. I can always do that later in life. I still want to play tennis for a few years.”

In Mexico, Bouchard was pretty much a fan favorite. After beating Day in her debut in Guadalajara, Bouchard took a moment to thank her Mexican fans.
She explained: “Yes, as I said on the court, I really feel the special support. They are really passionate about tennis. I think I can speak for all players when I say that we love playing in front of people who appreciate our work. The fans here definitely do. They’re tennis fanatics so it’s really fun.”

Bouchard reached the peak of her career in 2014 at the age of 20 when she reached the semifinals at the Australian Open and the Roland Garros but above all the Wimbledon final where she only surrendered to Petra Kvitova. That fantastic year led the Canadian to become number 5 in the world and to win her only WTA title in Nuremberg.

Photo Credits: Eugenie Bouchard Instagram account

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