Drew McIntyre Hopes To Have Significant Time To Tell Storyline With Sheamus In Front Of Crowds


WWE did a storyline between Sheamus and Drew McIntyre earlier this year that resulted in them doing a No Holds Barred Match at Fastlane. 

The former WWE Champion made it known in an interview with the Masked Man Show that he hopes to have more time to tell the storyline properly in front of live fans. 

“Myself and Sheamus had a series of matches that didn’t get too much into our story. The best thing was our last match and the build-up video that really told our 20-year history, which was all a true story. We didn’t get into it as much as we could and probably should have, which means there is more time to do it down the line. I think it’d be cool for him and I to have significant time in front of a live crowd. You talk about big men slapping meat, Sheamus and I committed crimes on each other in the ring. I’ve been around for a while and been in a few fights in my life, but I promise no fight is close to myself vs. Sheamus in a wrestling match.”

H/T to Fightful

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