Darby Allin Says He Gets Excited When AEW Brings In New Talent Because It Makes Him Step Up HIs Game


AEW superstar Darby Allin recently spoke with TV Insider to hype up this Sunday’s ALL OUT pay per view, where the former TNT champion will be taking on CM Punk, Punk’s first matchup in seven years since his departure from WWE. Highlights from the interview are below.

Says he’s happy to be back on the road:

“It’s something I will never take for granted again. I think at the beginning of AEW I was so caught up with traveling for the first time that I really didn’t stop and smell the roses. Now every time I’m traveling, I like to take advantage of it and explore the town I’m in, go to different skate parks and take it all in.”

Talks creative freedom:

“Having that freedom allows the fans to see firsthand who I am and what I’m capable of. I wasn’t given a crappy character. I wasn’t told what to do or say. That creative freedom means the world to someone like myself. I take full advantage of it.”

Talking getting to know Sting:

“Before he came to AEW, I would change in the boiler room because I like to be alone and away from everybody. I like to stay away from drama and gossip and all these meaningless conversations. When he came to AEW, he has this private locker room. He says, “Hey man, my locker room is your locker room now. Come stay in it whenever you want.” So it’s literally me and him changing in that locker room now. It’s pretty cool to have him open the door for me and let me in. We’ve really gotten the chance to know each other. We talk all day. Our friendship goes beyond onscreen, and it’s awesome.”

Says new talent coming in makes him want to step up his game:

“Whenever I see new names come in, I get excited because it makes me want to step my game up. I hope it does the same for everyone else. If anyone is intimidated by someone coming in, they are in the wrong locker room. They don’t need to be here because I want to be with people who are not intimidated and want to kick ass. That’s what I want to do when these new names come up.”

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