Close to Deschamps, he ruins the France 98 generation


Close to Deschamps, he ruins the France 98 generation

While for a few weeks, the reactions to the controversy over Karim Benzema are linked, this Tuesday, it is a former captain of the France team who spoke on the subject. Patrice Evra posted a video on his social networks, in which he issued a major warning: the France team should not be appropriated.

Whereas Karim Benzema may have been able to return to the France squad during the World Cup, it had been decided that the reigning Ballon d’Or would not return, due to a medical problem. According to several rumors, some executives of The french team would have even been relieved of the departure of the Real striker. Rumors that did not appreciate Patrice Evra.

Evra issues a warning

In an Instagram video, Eva declares: “Players, you are making the same mistake as the 98 world champions who thought that the France team belonged to them. The France team belongs to everyone. You want to decide who comes, who has to come, no, you’re going to make the same mistake, you don’t need that”. The former defender Manchester United adds: “We have the Ballon d’Or in our team. If I was still there, we would even have waited for Karim before eating. I didn’t see anyone fight”.

Respect for the legend Benzema

Eva continues in his video: “We are part of history whether you like it or not. So my brother Karim, I feel very bad for you, and the Blues you know what you have to do, don’t follow the guys from 1998, because afterwards it was complicated when we came to the France team , there were a lot of stories. Stay focused guys and respect the legends, Karim Benzema; he’s a legend, he has 5 Champions League! At Real Madrid! Ballon d’Or! And you wanted to hit him”.

Close to Deschamps, he ruins the France 98 generation 24hfootnews.

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