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Bobby Lashley Says He Will Stop Wrestling Once He Feels Himself Slowing Down, Talks His Legacy


WWE superstar and former two-time world champion Bobby Lashley recently spoke with Sam Roberts on his NotSam Wrestling podcast, where the All Mighty One discussed a number of different topics, including his thoughts on when he may retire and how he’s still competing now for his legacy. Highlights from the interview are below.

Says he hopes people are honest with him if he is not able to compete at a high level anymore:

“My biggest thing was people that are around me, people that I feel that are a little closer to me. I want them to be honest with me and be real with me. You know how you see fighters that are like, they do that one last fight that they shouldn’t have done. They could have had sparring partners, they could have had coaches or somebody saying ‘Let’s tap out, let’s go and do something else. Let’s move to that next stage of life.’ I told the people around me. I said, ‘If you feel that for me, I’m okay with telling me.’”

Says right now he is wrestling more for his legacy than anything else:

“I’m not doing it for the money right now. Over the years I’ve compiled a really nice real estate portfolio and different things like that. So that I’ve taken care of my kids. Right now, I’m doing [it] more [for the] legacy. I love wrestling and I have the ability to do it. I think I’m showing people something different. I’m that guy. That guy [in] the morning workouts. I’m that guy that trains hard. I’m okay with being a role model. I’m okay with all these different things. So I want to stay in the business as long as I can for that reason. But if there ever comes a time where I am running a little bit slower, I am moving a little slower, I take a bump and it’s like, ‘Oh no, this hurts coming back up.’ You’re gonna get that anyway. But if it ever gets to that point where I feel like I’m slowing down then let’s stop.”

(H/T and transcribed by Sescoops)


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