Big E Grateful For The Support Of His Peers in WWE, Talks His Current Focus


WWE superstar and former world champion Big E recently spoke with TalkSport about his current goals in the company, and how grateful he is for the everlasting support of his peers, including his New Day brothers Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston. Highlights from the interview are below.

What his current focus is in WWE:

“My focus has been on controlling what I can. We’ve had several interviews and I’m sure I’ve already talked your ears off about meditation and how much that has helped me, but, that’s my job. I focus on being the performer and do the very best with what I’m given, that’s my focus.”

Is grateful for the support he receives from his peers in WWE:

“It means the world to me that I have the respect of my peers because above money, fame or success, I think the way you carry yourself as a human being, how you interact with your peers, your friends, and strangers, it matters. My thing is, I’ve tried to have more light in my life. I want to receive more and give more as well. It makes me think alright, I must have done something right along the way for so many people to be so supportive. So those are the things I truly cherish and I’m appreciative of.”

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