Barely arrived at OM, he had a big misadventure


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Funny evening for Ruslan Malinovskyi. Arrived this winter to strengthen the OM midfield, the Ukrainian player just missed the plane and was unable to return to Marseille with his teammates. Forced to submit to doping control after the match against Toulouse on Sunday, the Marseille rookie was forced to take the car.

I’OM keep standing up to PSG. After a catastrophic start against Toulouse, the Marseille club managed to find the necessary resources to overcome their opponent, on their lawn (1-3 victory). After the final whistle, the OM players celebrated in the locker room, but some were forced to submit to doping control.

Malinovskyi missed his flight on Sunday

As related Provence this Monday, Eric Bailly, Sead Kolasinac And Ruslan Malinovskyi were chosen by the officials to appear for the doping test. A control, which lasted since the bus of theOM left the Stadium without these three players.

Malinovskyi forced to drive home

EventuallyBailly And Kolasinac were able to reach the airport in time to board the plane. This is not the case of Ruslan Malinovskyi, who would have just missed the flight. Finally, the Ukrainian player, who arrived this winter at theOMreturned to Marseilles by car, after a short journey of a few hours

Barely arrived at OM, he had a big misadventure 24hfootnews.

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