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AEW Rampage 9/30/22 Results


Still emanating from the land of the extreme, Rampage returns with a big tag team title match. Let’s see what else we can expect:

  • Willow Nightingale vs. Jamie Hayter
  • Fuego Del Sol vs. Lee Moriarty
  • John Silver vs. Rush
  • AEW World Tag Team Title Triple Threat Match: The Acclaimed (c) vs. Private Party vs. Butcher & Blade

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AEW Rampage 9/30/22

Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Excalibur are on the call tonight and we’re coming to you taped from the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! The teams are already in the ring, so let’s get to the action.

Match #1. AEW World Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match: The Acclaimed (c) vs. Private Party vs. Butcher and Blade

Anthony Bowens and Isiah Kassidy start the match. Trading pinfall attempts until Kassidy hits a step-up hurricanrana. Kassidy ducks a superkick and both men exchange pleasantries. Caster in now with a few chops and a dropkick… and a scissor to Daddy Ass. Sunset flip by Caster as Bowens with a diving neck breaker on Caster’s knees. Quen tries to make the save but gets taken down by Caster and a scissor leg drop from the top. Butcher and Blade have had enough and they clear the ring. Silly String attempt by Private Party but Blade dumps Quen to the outside. Bowens stuck in the corner as B&B take turns stomping him as we head to PIP. Clothesline by Blade as Blade keeps Bowens isolated from his partner. Snap suplex by Blade gets a one count. Buzz Sawyer-like powerslam gets two for Blade. Butcher in now as he drops the leg on Bowens the same time Blade hits the sidewalk slam. Bowens hits a superkick to Blade but Butcher drops Caster from the apron. Quen makes the blind tag who takes down the Blade with a springboard cross body and a moonsault off the top to Butcher. Kassidy in now, Poetry in Motion to Blade! Springboard stunner over the rope to the Butcher. Neckbreaker/senton combo to Blade but Caster breaks it up at two. Butcher drops Caster with a lariat. Assisted gut buster by B&B. Doctor Bomb by Blade to Kassidy. Two count. Kassidy dumps both B&B to the outside and hits a springboard plancha. Bowens makes the blind tag as Caster takes out the whole crew with a dive off the top. Bowens hits the Arrival as Caster comes off the top with the Mic Drop! One, two, three!

Winners and STILL AEW World Tag Team Champions: The Acclaimed

Rating: ***. Solid triple threat tag team title match here, with The Acclaimed looking impressive in their first title defense. Butcher and Blade and Private Party seem like perennial gatekeepers and that’s okay, because you know what you’re getting with them. Does anyone look at the rankings? Are they still a thing?

Jade Cargill is here with Lexy Nair and calls out the whack ass, fat ass, etc. because she’s bored with.. wait, here’s Nyla Rose with Marina Shafir, and Vickie Guerrero. Nyla says she wants next and Jade says she’s got it, but it’s on her terms.

Match #2. Lee Moriarty w/ Stokely Hathaway and William Morrissey vs. Fuego Del Sol

Kravat by Moriarty as he turns it into a pinning combination. Uppercuts by Moriarty but Fuego counters with a side kick but that doesn’t last long, as Moriarty responds with a dropkick to the face. Stomps by Moriarty and a running knee in the corner. Arm capture back suplex by Moriarty. Back suplex into a facebuster followed by a crossface wraps this one up.

Winner: Lee Moriarty

Rating: NR

Morrissey then palms Fuego’s face and choke slams him.

Match #3. Willow Nightingale vs. Jamie Hayter w/ Dr. Britt Baker DMD & Rebel

Hayter with a double leg to start as both women trade strikes. Shoulder block, but Willow doesn’t budge. Another one. Double bicep pose by Willow who then drops Hayer with a shoulder block of her own. Body slam and senton combo by Willow followed by a basement cross body block for two. Fisherman’s suplex with a bridge by Willow gets a two count. Running chops by Willow. Irish whip by Hayter but Willow cartwheels out… only to get booted in the face. Running meteora in the corner gets a two count for Hayter. Hayter throws Willow into the top turnbuckle head-first a few times before the dentist gets involved in the corner. Hammer throw by Hayter. Hayter lays some chops into Willow on the ropes before we head into commercial. Back from break and Hayter plants Willow with a uranage into a backbreaker that gets a two! Willow gets free from a body slam attempt and shoves Hayter into the ropes… POUNCEEEEEE by Willow! Hayter rolls to the outside and Willow follows. Willow shifts focus to Baker on the outside and Hayter catches Willow with the boots as she comes into the ring. Willow reverses into a Death Valley Driver! One, two, no! Willow heads up top for the moonsault but Britt grabs the boots of Willow and Hayter grabs Willow from behind, holds Willow, and hits a German suplex! Rainmaker by Hayter! Three count.

Winner: Jamie Hayter

Rating: ***. This match ruled. Short and sweet here, but Hayter is ramping it up to another level and the crowd is fully behind her. Willow also has a great connection with the audience and this match was the female equivalent of a “Hoss Fight.” Both women brought it and I could go for a rematch.

Nick Nemeth is in the ring and runs down ECW, which brings out Hook to destroy him. Finito.

Match #4. John Silver vs. Rush

“Johnny Hungy” chants ring out throughout the arena. Shoulder tackle by Rush but Silver comes back with a flying European uppercut. DOUBLE BICEP BABY. Silver mocks Rush’s “tranquilo” and Andrae is heated. Rush heads back inside and drops silver with a stiff right hand. Splash in the corner by Rush followed by a dropkick to a seated Silver. Silver rolls outside and Rush follows, throwing him into guard rail before attempt a strangle with the camera chord. Rush with some more right hands drop Silver in the corner and Rush teases the Bulls Horns, only to stop and kick Silver in the teeth. Tranquilo! Rush tosses Silver to the outside and pings his head off of the announce table. Rush comes off the top but Silver moves and they trade splashes in the corner. German suplex by Silver but Rush hulks up. Another German by Silver keeps Rush down. Rush attempts a Frankensteiner but Silver plants him with a powerbomb for a two count. Rush with an overhand right and a superkick followed by a Northern Light’s suplex that get two. Roman drops Silver with a right hand but Silver hits his kicking combination followed by a sheer drop brainbuster for a long two! Jose the Assistant is on the apron but Alex Reynolds it there. Andrade is up on the apron and Silver turns his head… Superman punch by Rush! Bull’s Horns! That will do it.

Winner: Rush

Rating: **1/4. I don’t know if it was the double commercial breaks, but this match left a lot to be desired. Rush had his moments here but it definitely seemed like a clash of styles with a lot of punching and kicking to kill time. The storyline has me invested, but this match didn’t.

The rest of the Dark Order hit the ring as do the Andrade Family Office (is that still a thing too?) but here’s Hangman! Hangman and Rush comes face to face and Hangman looks for the Buckshot as Rush retreats but Jose stumbles right into it!

Final Thoughts: Another very prototypical episode of Rampage this week. AEW seems to start these shows with the main event and work their way backward, similar to how the WWF used to do on Saturday Night’s Main Event, and that might make it tough for the live crowd to stay invested. The Acclaimed got a nice win and the women showed out, and we got a nice continuation of the Dark Order vs. LFI feud. Also, moving Jim Ross to Rampage was a nice touch, the fact that the show is taped definitely helps him in this stage of his career, and he brings a certain legitimacy to what is clearly AEW’s B-show. 6.5/10.

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