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Adam Page Discusses How AEW Rolled With The Punches During The Pandemic, Talks Representing AEW As World Champion, Comments On Future Match With Danielson


New AEW world champion Adam “Hangman” Page spoke with the pro-wrestling media in the post-Full Gear scrum about a number of different topics, including his thoughts on the new number one contender for his title, Bryan Danielson. Highlights from Page’s interview at the scrum can be found below.

How many factors, including the pandemic, changed the company’s trajectory but they were always able to figure it out:

“Well, we in 2020, had a global pandemic, that was a thing. We lost our crowds. Guys, we’re out with injuries and this and that. There were so many things, I couldn’t even count them all. If you had known what we may have wanted to do, two or three years ago, it wouldn’t even remotely match up to where we are. But that is, to me, the brilliance of wrestling. You just roll with the punches. Every Wednesday would be something new. ‘Oh my god, what are we gonna do about this?’ I’m sure it will be [like that on this upcoming] Wednesday as well. So yeah, and we have an incredible team that’s able to make that work. I think a lot of it is because we put a lot of ourselves into this, you know, we’d get there Wednesday, and if something’s gone wrong, or whatever. We figure it out.”

How he will handle the responsibility of being the world champion:

“That’s a really good question. I haven’t gotten that far. I’m just going to try to be the best version of me that I can be. That’s what I’ve been doing this whole time. I’m sure that every day, I’ll figure out a new problem and try to rise to the challenge. I’ll just be the best me that I can be. That’s really what I want.”

On facing Bryan Danielson:

“I know I said Kenny was the best in the world. But if you had to challenge me for someone who could tie him, it would be Bryan Danielson. So I’m not very surprised he’s the one contender… That’s a lot to think about and I just won this damn thing. So I’m gonna think about this tonight and tomorrow morning. I’ll start thinking about Bryan Danielson.”

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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