A relative of Zidane empties his bag and smashes Deschamps


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Mission successful for the French team. Didier Deschamps’ group won its first two qualifying matches for Euro 2024, against the Netherlands (4-0) and Ireland (0-1). But despite these two victories, Christophe Dugarry deplored the way and the game offered by his former teammate in the selection.

Everyone knows, it’s not mad love between Christophe Dugarry and Didier Deschamps. And tensions should not subside after the declarations of the first city on Tuesday. Despite the two victories of theFrench team, It front of The Netherlands and theIrelandthe former player, close to Zinédine Zidane, did not spare Didier Deschamps during the broadcast Rothen ignites.

“Is this kind of match a surprise!? »

Honestly is this kind of match a surprise. I do not believe. You don’t have to lie. Matches won without offering much we have already seen a lot, a lot under the Deschamps era. Especially against weaker opponents on paper who essentially offer us desire and intensity. We are too often disappointing against this kind of opponents. told Dugarry, before putting a cleat back on the French Football Federation, who extended The fields until 2026.

“Here, there are no surprises”

I will be told that Deschamps was knowingly extended for four years. We’ve had these kinds of games for more than ten years and the decision-makers decided that it was more important to win the games than to play them well. So we are on the same formula, on the same observation and on the same rendering. Well, there are no surprises. There are no surprises. You know DD as well as I do. We know its limits in Deschamps. We know his enormous qualities, because there are some for sure. We know that his offensive abilities to create play and bring back offensive solutions: there are none” dropped Dugarry on RMC.

A relative of Zidane empties his bag and smashes Deschamps 24hfootnews.

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