a new stadium in Saint-Cloud in negotiation?


But where will Paris Saint-Germain players evolve in the coming years? This is the eternal question that has been gaining momentum for several months. The showdown continues between the city of Paris and the capital club to buy the Parc des Princes, the hypothesis of a move to the Stade de France is still relevant but a third possibility, already mentioned, could finally be put on the table. According to proprietary information from Figaro Sportsthe PSG would really study the track that would lead to Saint-Cloud and the racecourse at the gates of Paris.

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Discussions would even have been opened between the Parisian leaders and the owners of the horse racing facility, France Galop, then headed by Édouard de Rothschild. The first contacts would have given nothing: the PSG being cooled by two major problems posed by the owners. France Galop would not be totally selling the plot of land targeted by the football club. The company would also like to continue horse racing during the potential work in the area.

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a new stadium in Saint-Cloud in negotiation? 24hfootnews.

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