WWE Monday Night RAW Results 8/15/2022


– Tonight’s WWE RAW opens live on the USA Network as the pyro goes off inside the Capital One Arena in Washington, DC. Jimmy Smith welcomes us. He’s joined at ringside by Corey Graves and Byron Saxton.

– We go right to the ring and out comes The Judgment Day – Finn Balor, Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest. The pyro goes off as Mike Rome introduces The Judgment Day and they slowly march to the ring, wearing black suits. Some fans boo as we see video of last week’s Balor vs. Rey Mysterio match, and how Ripley came walking out with a lifeless Dominik Mysterio to distract.

The group poses on the apron and then stands tall in the middle of the ring as fans boo. Ripley says they run Monday Night RAW and that’s been the harsh reality to The Mysterios week in and week out, she even proved to Dominik that she really is his Papi, as she destroyed his soul. The boos get louder. Balor says everyone really loves The Mysterios and they don’t get it, but for everyone who loves them he’s got some very sad news – The Mysterios will not be here, because poor little Dominik had his soul crushed last week, and Rey was destroyed by Balor in the middle of the ring, 1-2-3, to further solidify Balor’s already-legendary status in this business.

Fans boo Balor. Balor wants to hear what Priest will do to WWE Hall of Famer Edge next week. Priest asks what won’t he do to Edge next week. Priest asks fans if they want to see Edge confront The Judgment Day now. Fans respond with a pop but Priest informs them Edge isn’t here tonight, he’s in Toronto promoting next week’s match. Priest goes on with words for Edge and says he doesn’t need anyone at ringside to deal with Edge. Fans give Priest the “What?!” treatment as he goes on about ending Edge, and how it will be just he and Edge next week, no Balor or Ripley at ringside. Priest says Toronto will now be known as the place where he sends Edge back into retirement, and this time retirement won’t be filming TV shows or wack movies, retirement will be WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix wheeling him around and feeding him through a tube, for the rest of his life. Fans boo but Rey suddenly attacks the heels from behind. Rey clears the ring and sends Priest back off the apron as he tries again. Ripley then faces off with Rey, taunting him. Balor comes from behind with a steel chair but Rey dropkicks it into him. Rey with chair shots to Balor now. Priest rushes in but Rey unloads with chair shots as fans cheer him on.

Rey goes to smack Balor with a chair while he’s down but Ripley puts herself in the way. Rey then turns to hit Priest with the chair but Ripley grabs the chair from behind, which allows Priest to level Rey with a big boot. They triple team Rey now and Ripley drops him face-first with a DDT on the chair. Fans chant for Edge now as the triple team continues. They place the chair over Rey’s body and Balor then smashes into it with a Coup de Grace from the top. The Judgment Day stands tall over Rey as the boos get louder and officials check on Rey. We go to commercial.

First Round Match for the Tournament to Crown New WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions: Asuka and Alexa Bliss vs. Doudrop and Nikki A.S.H.

Back from the break and out comes Asuka first for this first round match in the tournament for the vacant WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles. We see the vacant straps on display at ringside. Alexa Bliss is out next with Lilly. RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair is out next as the announcers hype Belair, Bliss and Asuka vs. Bayley, Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky for WWE Clash at The Castle. Out next for the other team comes Nikki A.S.H. Doudrop is out next and they head to the ring as we see how Kai and Sky defeated Tamina Snuka and WWE 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke last Monday, while Friday’s SmackDown saw Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah defeat Xia Li and Shotzi to advance. The announcers show us the current brackets. The winners of this match will face Sky and Kai.

The bell rings and Asuka charges Nikki but Nikki drops her and mounts her with strikes. Nikki poses and kicks Asuka, then keeps her down. Asuka drops Nikki into a bug knee to the face. Bliss tags in for the double team on Nikki. Doudrop is then sent tot he apron via double team. Bliss and Asuka charge and knock their opponents from the apron to the floor. Bliss and Asuka celebrate in the middle of the ring as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Nikki is in control of Bliss. We see how Bliss jumped off the apron to take Nikki down on the floor during the break, but then Doudrop smashed Bliss into the ring post. Bliss knocks Nikki way with a jawbreaker int he ring now. Doudrop tags in to stop Bliss from tagging but she tags out anyway. Asuka flies off the top with a big missile dropkick and Doudrop hits Nikki in the corner.

Asuka runs wild on Nikki now. Asuka with a kick and a German suplex attempt but Nikki fights her off. Asuka unloads with strikes, then hits the German and holds it with a bridge for a 2 count. Asuka with kicks while Nikki is on her knees now. Doudrop tries to interfere but Asuka kicks her off the apron to the floor. Nikki drops a distracted Asuka for a close 2 count. Nikki screams out in frustration. Nikki knocks Bliss off the apron. Nikki sends Asuka to the corner and Doudrop goes to assist for the double team but Asuka fights them both off.

Nikki with a top rope crossbody for 2 as Bliss makes the save just in time. Bliss runs into Doudrop’s big flying crossbody and gets leveled. We see Tamina and Brooke watching from backstage. Doudrop tags in while Asuka is down. Bliss rolls to the floor to recover at Belair’s feet. Asuka mounts offense and knocks Nikki to the floor but Doudrop catches Asuka with a Michinoku Driver for a close 2 count as Belair looks on concerned at ringside.

Doudrop misses the Vader Bomb as Asuka moves. Doudrop runs into a roundhouse kick from Asuka. Bliss tags in and drops Doudrop with a DDT. Asuka tags back in with a Coebreaker to Doudrop. Asuka rolls Doudrop into the Asuka Lock. Bliss pulls Nikki to the floor to stop her from running in, then drops her at ringside with a big right hand. Asuka keeps the hold locked in on Doudrop and she tapas out for the win.

Winners: Asuka and Alexa Bliss

– After the match, Asuka and Bliss stand tall as Asuka’s music hits. We go to replays as fans cheer them on. The announcers confirm Bliss and Asuka vs. Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky for the next round. Belair, Asuka and Bliss back up the ramp now to cheers. They turn around and waiting for them are Bayley, Kai and Sky. The two teams face off and have words as officials get in between them.

– Kevin Patrick is backstage with Theory now, bringing up his failed Money In the Bank cash-in at SummerSlam. Theory dismisses this and says he’s still Mr. MITB, right? Theory also brags about being the youngest Mr. Money In the Bank and says he’s the undisputed hand-picked future of this business. He doesn’t make mistakes and is tougher, wiser and more dangerous because of what happened at SummerSlam, so next time he will cash in… Dolph Ziggler interrupts. He knocks Theory and says the difference between them is Ziggler earned his Money In the Bank contract and it wasn’t handed to him, which is why it meant a lot when he cashed in and became World Champion. Theory knocks Ziggler and says he’s pretty sure Ziggler won’t be around when he cashes in to become champion. They have more words and Theory calls Ziggler nothing but an over the hill, no title having, has-been. Theory suggests Ziggler stay paying attention to him because once he successfully cashes in, he will continue winning and unlike Ziggler, he won’t screw up the rest of his career like Ziggler did. Theory talks some more trash until Ziggler drops him with a big headbutt. They start brawling backstage until they crash into the camera man and RAW goes to commercial.

– Back from the break and we see how Theory and Dolph Ziggler brawled through the backstage area during the commercial.

– The announcers send us to a video package of highlights from last Monday’s title match between Ciampa and WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley. Sarah Schreiber is backstage with Ciampa and The Miz now. They are dressed alike and fans boo. Schreiber gives Ciampa praise for last week’s amazing performance and asks what is next as he moves forward. Ciampa says he did come close to beating Lashley last week but unfortunately we don’t give out participation trophies here. Ciampa says he came to RAW to be a champion and the next time he gets the chance, that’s exactly what he will do. Miz says the only reason Ciampa isn’t champion is because AJ Styles interfered, so how is AJ rewarded? With a title shot tonight. Miz says he smells collusion. Miz wants to reward Ciampa, so he gives him a token of his appreciation… it’s a handmade necklace with a photo of Miz and Ciampa embracing. Miz has a matching necklace. Ciampa loves the gift and says it’s awesome. Miz says no, we are awesome.

Ciampa and The Miz vs. Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali

We go back to the ring and out comes Ciampa, wearing the custom necklace The Miz made for him. Out next comes The Miz and they head to the ring together. Cedric Alexander is out first for his team. Mustafa Ali is out next and they head to the ring together. We get a pre-recorded backstage promo with Ali commenting on this being a new era of RAW. Cedric says tonight they will snatch their opportunity, and Ali says it’s time to show the world what they can do tonight.

Ali tosses his shirt at Miz and Ciampa before we get the bell. Ciampa locks up with Cedric to start. Ciampa takes it to the ropes and backs off as the referee counts. They lock up again and Ciampa keeps a headlock going as a “tiny balls!” chant starts up. Ciampa with a handful of hair but Alexander turns it around on the mat. Cedric keeps Ciampa down, while taunting Miz. Ciampa fights out and takes Cedric down for a headlock.

Ali and Miz try to rally for their teams. Ciampa drops Cedric with a shoulder. Alexander runs the ropes and dropkicks Ciampa. Ali tags in as Cedric drops Ciampa on his face. Ali launches himself over the top rope with a slingshot senton. Cedric tags right back in with a slingshot senton of his own but Ciampa kicks out. Cedric works Ciampa over.

The referee is distracted by Ciampa, allowing Miz to grab Cedric from the apron. Cedric fights back and knocks Miz off the apron. Ciampa blocks a handspring move and dropkicks Cedric to the floor after Miz grabbed Cedric’s hair. Ciampa and Miz pose together and applaud themselves on the apron as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Ciampa drops Cedric for a 2 count. Ciampa grounds Cedric now as fans rally and Ali reaches for a tag. Cedric fights up and out but Ciampa stuns him with a big punch. Cedric counters Ciampa and drops him off the reversal. Miz tags in as does Ali. Ali ducks Miz and unloads with chops into the corner. Ali knocks Ciampa to the floor from the apron. Ali runs wild on Miz and hits a big missile dropkick for 2. Miz counters and drops Ali into the middle rope.

Cedric comes in and tangles with Miz. Cedric blocks Skull Crushing Finale and hits a big Michinoku Driver for a 2 count as Ciampa places Miz’s foot on the bottom rope. Ciampa acts like he knows nothing. Ali runs the ring and leaps out, sending Ciampa over the announce table. Cedric fights back in for a sunset flip on Miz but it’s blocked. They trade counters and Ali kicks Miz from the floor but Miz still kicks out. Cedric can’t believe Miz kicked out.

More back and forth now. Ali doesn’t see Ciampa tag in as he drops Miz. Ali goes for the top for a big 450 Splash on Miz but Miz moves and Ciampa comes flying in with a sliding knee to catch Ali on the way down from the 450. Ciampa then follows-up with the Fairy Tale Ending on Ali for the pin to win.

Winners: Ciampa and The Miz

– After the match, Ciampa’s music hits as he and The Miz stand tall. We go to replays. Ciampa and Miz celebrate as Ciampa yells out.

– We see how Kevin Owens destroyed Ezekiel last week. Jimmy says Zeke was taken to a local hospital with multiple injuries and all we know is that he has a long recovery ahead. We see Ernie, Jr., Ezekiel’s dad, who is actually Elias dressed as an old man. Ernie, Jr. says if he gets his hands on Owens, Owens will get a piece of his mind, he’ll tell you that much.

– SmackDown Superstar Drew McIntyre is walking backstage. We see Adam Pearce and a few officials off to the side, spraying a burning trash can with a fire extinguisher. McIntyre looks at them awkwardly and continues walking as we go back to commercial.

– Back from the break as announcers show us rapper and noted pro wrestling fan Wale sitting at ringside watching the show.

– The announcers show us footage from last Thursday’s WrestleMania 39 Launch Party at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles.

– We go back to the ring and out comes Drew McIntyre to a big pop. Drew hits the ring as the pyro goes off. He then poses in the corner as more pyro explodes. Drew takes the mic and wants to hear Washington, DC scream.

Drew knows it’s shocking to see him on RAW. He brings up the Clash at The Castle match against Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, and says the match isn’t taking place on some imaginary Island of Relevancy, it’s taking place on his island, and he’s going to drop Reigns’ ass for both titles, then show up on RAW, SmackDown and everywhere else because that’s what the fans deserve, that’s what the friggin’ titles deserve. Drew says there are reports going around that say he’s dealing with some sort of back injury. Drew says they are true… mostly because he’s been carrying the load of 20 men for three years in and out of the ring in WWE, and he does it with a smile on his face because it’s a privilege, this is his dream and that’s why he’s here on his day off, to scout for some potential matches.

Drew brings up possibly defending the Undisputed WWE Universal Title against Ciampa, AJ Styles, Seth Rollins and Karrion Kross. The music interrupts and out comes Kevin Owens. Drew says he likes this match also, against Owens. Owens says how cute it is Drew said his name once he came out here. Owens has never understood why Drew comes out here and pretends to be something he’s not considering his size and strength. Owens brings up how Drew sometimes has a sword and a kilt, asking if he thinks this is Medieval Times. He says Drew just proved he’s delusional because if he thinks he’s carrying anyone around here, he’s a real dumbass. Owens goes on about how he’s been the same his entire career, he’s as real as it gets in this business. Fans pop for Owens. Owens says over the past few years, people like Drew have forgotten what Owens is all about. Owens says that may be his fault because he’s been coming to work for the past few years and he’s been having fun, but he had goosebumps when he came to the arena today when he realized this is the same place where he and Sami Zayn left it all in the ring at WWE Battleground, giving fans a match they still talk about.

Owens says he’s been missing a side of himself, he misses the old Kevin Owens, and it’s time to bring back The Prize Fighter. Fans pop for Owens again. Owens says he hasn’t held a title in WWE in 5 long years, but enough is enough and it’s time for a change… so now he’s coming after every single champion, the United States and Intercontinental Champions and the Tag Team Champions, and he doesn’t give a damn if it’s Drew or Reigns that leaves Clash at The Castle because he’s also coming for the biggest title of them all. Fans pop. Drew says Owens has said his peace, and now he has to respond. Drew is sick of people making stuff up for cheap reactions, saying Drew isn’t carrying the load and doesn’t know who he is. Drew gets fired up about being The Chosen One over 15 years ago, and coming back, working his ass off every day since. Drew names some of the top stars he’s fought and tells Owens to never look in his eye and pull that BS again. Drew goes on yelling at Owens and says they are wrestlers in a wrestling ring, so let’s wrestle. They face off. Owens says Drew is no prize, but let’s do it. They circle each other in the ring as we go back to commercial.

Kevin Owens vs. Drew McIntyre

Back from the break and the bell hits as Drew McIntyre starts fighting with Kevin Owens. They go to the commercial and then back off. They lock up again and Owens takes it to the corner but backs off. They face off again as fans rally. They lock up again and Owens applies a headlock. They collide with shoulders. Owens kicks Drew and they collide with shoulders again.

Drew taunts Owens and applies a headlock. They run the ropes again and Drew levels Owens with a shoulder. Drew works Owens over in the corner but runs into a back elbow. Owens sends Drew shoulder-first into the ring post. Owens throws a crotch chop at Drew, then delivers a big cannonball into the corner while Drew is upside down. Owens keeps contorl and hits a springboard moonsault from the middle rope but Drew kicks out t 2. Drew man-handles Drew some on the mat as the referee warns him. Drew with shoulder thrusts in the corner now as the referee warns him. Drew blocks two suplex attempts, then launches Owens with a big suplex. Drew insults Owens and sends him to the floor. Drew runs the ropes but Owens rushes back in and rocks him.

Owens runs the ropes but Drew meets him at the apron with a big right hand. Owens blocks a suplex attempt to the floor, dropping Drew throat-first over the top rope. Owens sends Drew face-first into the ring post, which sends him to the floor. Owens with a big splash from the apron to the floor to keep Drew down. Owens yells out and stands tall as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Owens has Drew grounded with a headlock in the middle of the ring. Owens keeps control until Drew mounts offense. Drew launches Owens across the ring twice, then levels him with a boot. Drew kips-up in the middle of the ring for a pop. Drew is all smiles as he looks for the Future Shock DDT but it’s blocked. Owens drops Drew with a DDT of his own.

Drew blocks the Pop-Up Powerbomb with a kick. They trade offense and Owens counters to drop Drew in the corner. Owens goes to the top for a big senton bomb and he lands hard on Drew’s knees. Drew fights back and comes close to putting Owens away but he can’t get the finish. Drew goes on and takes Owens to the top for a superplex but Owens blocks it. Owens rocks Drew with right hands and turns him upside down in the corner. Drew powers back up but Owens drops him back upside down. Owens with a huge running corner cannonball to Drew while he’s upside down against the turnbuckles. Owens goes to the top and hits a big Frogsplash for another close 2 count.

Owens goes back up top for another Swanton but Drew somehow kicks out. Owens can’t believe it as fans chant “this is awesome!” now. Owens wastes some time and finally goes back to the top but he’s moving slow. Drew cuts him off and climbs back up for another superplex attempt. Instead Drew puts Owens on his back for a super White Noise but Owens still kicks out. Drew is getting fired up now. He charges for a Claymore Kick but Owens superkicks him. Drew blocks a Stunner and nails a Glasgow Kiss headbutt. Owens comes right back with a superkick. Drew comes right back with a big lariat and they both go down now.

Fans cheer them on as they get back up and trade big strikes in the middle of the ring. They continue throwing strikes and unload into a brawl now as fans cheer them on. Owens with a shot to the gut. Drew blocks the Pop-Up Powerbomb, Owens ducks a clothesline, but Drew barely hits the Future Shock DDT. Drew waits in the corner now, preparing to hit Owens with a Claymore when he gets back up. Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos suddenly run down and attack McIntyre for the disqualification.

Winner By DQ: Drew McIntyre

– After the bell, The Usos double team Drew and superkick him. Jey Uso comes off the top for a Uso Splash but Drew avoids it. Jimmy Uso attacks but Drew ends up sending both of them to the floor with each other. Drew turns back around to a big Stunner from Owens. The Usos look on from ringside as Owens yells at them, telling them to inform The Tribal Chief he owes Owens one. Owens exits the ring and heads to the back as The Usos return to the ring, stalking McIntyre as fans boo. Drew slowly gets up and The Usos go for the 1D but Drew nails a Glasgow Kiss to Jey, then a Claymore to Jimmy. Drew’s music hits as he stands tall again, telling The Usos to tell their boss Drew will see him on SmackDown and he can’t wait.

– We see what happened between Riddle and Seth Rollins at WWE SummerSlam a few weeks back. A serious Riddle is backstage now getting mic’d up for an interview. We go back to the ring and out comes Seth Rollins to a mixed reaction. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Rollins takes the mic. He knocks Riddle for getting mic’d up in his mother’s basement. Rollins came out to get a front row seat to hear Riddle’s big news. Rollins says for the first time Rollins will do the smart thing when he announces his retirement. Fans boo. Rollins says this is no time to boo, now Riddle can go back to doing what he’s always wanted to, like go back to middle school and finish 7th grade or maybe start a farm, which is lucrative these days. Rollins goes on until a furious Riddle appears on the big screen to interrupt.

Riddle calls Rollins a slimy piece of trash. Riddle says he does have an update on his condition. Rollins tells the fans to be respectful because this is difficult for Riddle. Riddle announces that he is medically cleared to compete and the next time he sees Rollins, it’s on. Rollins taunts Riddle over some of their recent run-ins and says the outcome is always the same – Rollins stomping Riddle’s head into the mat because Rollins is always several steps ahead of Riddle. Rollins goes on and wishes Riddle was in the ring with him now so he could stomp the last few brain cells out of Riddle’s head. Riddle is glad Rollins said this because he’s not in his mom’s basement, he’s here in Washington, DC.

Fans pop as Riddle gets up and walks off the set. Riddle’s music hits as he rushes down to the ring and fans cheer him on. Riddle pulls Rollins to the floor and works him over. They return to the ring and Riddle unloads with strikes, then launches Rollins onto his head with the Exploder. Rollins comes back and sends Riddle down onto his head, and Riddle clutches his neck. Rollins tosses Riddle over the announce table and works him over while he’s down. Rollins holds Riddle’s face down on the announce table and asks how stupid he is. Rollins goes on top of the table but Riddle dodges the Stomp, then smacks Rollins in the face with a big knee, sending Rollins over the barrier into the crowd. Riddle chases Rollins up the stairs in the crowd now. Rollins is gone. Riddle stands tall with the crowd as a “Bro!” chant starts up.

– We get a video package on tonight’s WWE United States Title match. AJ Styles is backstage warming up now. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Kevin Patrick stops Riddle backstage for comments on what just happened with Seth Rollins. Riddle interrupts and says that was just a taste of what’s to come, he wants to get his hands on Rollins again. Riddle challenges Rollins to a match at WWE Clash at The Castle and tells him to be there. Riddle walks off.

Veer Mahaan vs. Beaux Keller

We go back to the ring and out comes Veer Mahaan. Enhancement talent Beaux Keller is waiting in the corner and he’s all smiles.

The bell rings and Keller ducks an attempt by Veer, then again. Keller avoids Veer one more time, then retreats to the floor and bounces around, all smiles still and proud of how he’s dodging Veer’s attacks.

Keller returns to the ring as Veer goes out after him. Veer comes right back in and takes a dropkick by Keller. Keller hits Veer again but Veer takes it and launches Keller over the top rope to the floor. Veer follows and holds Keller against the announce table by man-handling him. Veer launches Keller back into the ring, then hits a huge running splash into the corner.

Veer with a big Thesz Press or jumping splash in the middle of the ring to take Keller down with ease again. Veer warms his arm up and then levels Keller with a big running lariat to the chest. Veer stands over Keller and smashes him down to the mat, then applies the Cervical Clutch for the submission win.

Winner: Veer Mahaan

– After the match, the referee calls the match and begs Veer to break the hold. Veer stands tall as the music hits and we go to replays. Veer stares out at the crowd now.

– We see Bobby Lashley backstage warming up. Adam Pearce is seen in the background, apparently lecturing some security guards. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Sarah Schreiber is with Dakota Kai, Iyo Sky and Bayley. Kai is asked about her first singles match on tonight’s RAW. Kai and Bayley end up insulting Schreiber. Kai gives a spoiler for tonight – she will win the match. Sky speaks in Japanese and Bayley says we can expect more winning from Kai and Sky. They walk off and approach WWE 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke. Kai tells Brooke to relax because they’re not here to ambush her, just making sure she’s ready. Brooke says she’s ready 24/7 and if they try to intimidate her, she’s not afraid. Kai says fear is a motivating factor and maybe Brooke should be a little scared. The heels walk off and Brooke shakes her head.

WWE United States Title Match: AJ Styles vs. Bobby Lashley

We go back to the ring for this first-time-ever singles match as challenger AJ Styles makes his way out for a pop. WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley is out next. Lashley stands tall and poses on the ramp, then heads to the ring as AJ waits. We get formal ring introductions from Mike Rome now.

The bell rings and here we go. AJ kicks Lashley’s knee and beats him into the corner with strikes. AJ holds Lashley’s leg as the referee counts. Lashley shoves AJ away and levels him with a knee. Lashley takes AJ to the corner and works him over. Lashley with big elbow strikes. Lashley with a neckbreaker for a quick pin attempt.

AJ fights back on his feet now but Lashley decks him. They run the ropes and AJ leaps over him, then nails a dropkick in the middle of the ring. AJ drops an elbow into Lashley’s knee, and again. AJ continues focusing on Lashley’s leg while fans do dueling chants now. AJ sends Lashley head-first into the turnbuckles, then scoop slams him. Lashley slams AJ and tosses him to the floor. Lashley follows but AJ runs back in. AJ jumps to the apron but Lashley scoops him onto his shoulders. Lashley goes to ram AJ into the ring post but AJ counters. Lashley puts the brakes on and avoids the post. AJ ends up rocking Lashley from the apron and leaping off with a big right hand to take Lashley down on the floor. AJ stands tall at ringside as we go back to a break.

Back from the break and AJ is working on Lashley in the corner. Lashley counters and sends AJ down low into the ring post in the corner. AJ smacks the steel hard and falls to the floor. The referee counts and Lashley follows, ramming AJ back into the barrier. Lashley then launches AJ into the barrier and he goes back down. Lashley smashes AJ back into the barrier again, focusing on his lower back. Lashley breaks the count and brings AJ back in. Lashley stalks AJ and elbows away in the corner, and also stomps him.

Lashley continues the corner offense as the referee warns him. Lashley keeps control until AJ finally nails a kick to the side of the head, putting Lashley down. AJ is slow to capitalize as fans rally. Lashley with big right hands now. AJ chops him and kicks him in the face. AJ with more right hands now. AJ charges but Lashley catches him with a big Spinebuster. Lashley launches AJ into the corner and he smacks his forehead on the ring post.

Ciampa and The Miz come walking down the ramp now as fans boo. Lashley launches AJ across the ring into the opposite corner, smacking his forehead on the ring post again. Fans chant “tiny balls!” at The Miz as he and Ciampa watch the match from ringside.

AJ blocks a suplex attempt but Lashley works him over. AJ blocks a suplex with a knee to the head. Lashley kicks him and drapes him over the top rope. Lashley then rocks AJ on the apron, then runs the ring and charges to knock AJ out to the floor as the referee counts. Ciampa gets on the apron and distracts the referee while pleading with Lashley. Miz slowly approaches AJ to a “tiny balls!” chant.

Dexter Lumis suddenly hops the barrier at the announcers, and apparently goes for Corey Graves but security quickly tackles him. The Miz is shocked. Miz stops what he was preparing to do to AJ while AJ was down, and watches the chaos unfold with Lumis and the announcers as security tries to pull Lumis away from the announce table. RAW abruptly goes to black and then cuts to a commercial break.

Back from the break and Jimmy acknowledges that Lumis tried to make his presence known and was escorted out. Graves tells Jimmy to not even give Lumis the time of day. Lashley rocks AJ in the ring now and drives him into the mat. We see how Lashley hit a big Spear to Miz at ringside during the break. We also see how Ciampa and Miz were ejected by the referee during the break while Ciampa was in the ring trying to interfere.

AJ kicks Lashley off the apron to the floor now. AJ launches himself out with a big flying forearm to Lashley on the floor. The referee counts as the challenger brings the champion back inside. They trade big right hands in the middle of the ring. AJ drops Lashley and hits the sliding forearm. AJ yells out for a pop. AJ with a flying forearm into the corner now. AJ scoops Lashley to his shoulders but Lashley slides out and rocks AJ from behind in the corner. AJ fights back from the apron and kicks Lashley’s leg out.

AJ launches himself from the apron with another big right hand. Lashley kicks out at 2. Lashley with big strikes in the corner now. AJ charges but Lashley grabs him for a running powerslam. AJ kicks out just in time and Lashley can’t believe it. Lashley takes AJ to the top now and works him over. Lashley goes for a belly-to-belly superplex but AJ slides down between his legs. AJ then turns that into a Rack Bomb but he can’t hit it all the way and Lashley kicks out just in time.

AJ goes for a Styles Clash but Lashley back-drops him in the middle of the ring. Lashley yells at AJ to get up now. Lashley scoops AJ and drops him on his face for a close 2 count. Lashley scoops AJ on his shoulders at ringside, then rams him head-first into the ring post as the referee counts. Lashley calls for one more but he rolls AJ back in at the 6 count. Lashley readies for a Spear now but he runs into a kick instead. AJ rolls Lashley into the Calf Crusher in the middle of the ring now.

The referee checks on both competitors but Lashley kicks out of the hold, and rolls AJ into a Hurt Lock on the mat. AJ turns that into a 2 count on the mat. They get up and AJ kicks Lashley’s leg. Lashley sends AJ to the apron as fans do dueling chants. AJ rocks Lashley and goes to the apron. Lashley ducks a Phenomenal Forearm and comes right back with a Spear for the pin to win and retain.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

– After the match, Lashley stands tall with the title in the air as the music hits. We go to replays. Lashley continues his celebration.

– We see Theory backstage warming up for the main event. Back to commercial.

WWE 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke vs. Dakota Kai

Back from the break and WWE 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke is out for this non-title match. Out next comes Dakota Kai with Bayley and Iyo Sky. The announcers mention how Brooke says she’s fighting for the veterans of WWE.

The bell rings and they lock up. Kai sends Brooke to the mat first, then hits her from behind with a running big boot. Brooke kicks out at 2. Kai launches Brooke down into the corner, then nails a big running knee for a 2 count as Bayley cheers her on.

Bayley yells about being so damn proud of Kai. Kai kicks Brooke in the face several times, and talks some trash to her. Brooke fights up from the mat. Kai kicks her and sends her back to the corner but runs into a boot from Brooke. Kai keeps fighting but Brooke ducks her and unloads with forearms. Brooke mounts some offense and yells to the crowd for a pop.

Brooke with the handspring back elbow into the corner. Kai blocks a bulldog and sends Brooke face-first into the turnbuckle. Kai with a running big boot to the face in the corner for the pin to win.

Winner: Dakota Kai

– After the match, the music hits as Kai stands tall with Bayley and Sky in the middle of the ring. They all three taunt Brooke while she’s down.

– We get a quick video package for next Monday’s match between WWE Hall of Famer Edge and Damian Priest in Toronto. It’s also confirmed that the tournament for the vacant WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles will continue next week with Asuka and Alexa Bliss vs. Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky.

Theory vs. Dolph Ziggler

We go back to the ring for tonight’s main event as Theory makes his way out with the Money In the Bank briefcase. Theory hits the corner to pose and receives mostly boos from the crowd. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Dolph Ziggler as we see a shot of Theory’s failed cash-in at WWE SummerSlam. The bell rings and Ziggler attacks, taking Theory down. They tangle on the mat and Ziggler works Theory over. Theory turns it around and mounts Ziggler now. Ziggler with a quick pin attempt. Theory mounts him with more punches. Theory rocks Ziggler in the jaw and levels him with a big stiff strike. The referee checks on Ziggler and he’s still in it.

Theory launches Ziggler into the corner and he hits the ring post. Theory grabs Ziggler by his jaw and talks some trash, then sends him into another corner and he hits the ring post again. Theory man-handles Ziggler some on the mat and talks more trash, then sends him into another corner, causing him to hit the ring post once again. Ziggler kicks out at 2. Theory uses the middle rope to choke Ziggler as the referee warns him. Theory with more trash talking but now Ziggler counters and drops him with a big leaping DDT.

Ziggler launches Theory shoulder-first into the corner now, forcing him into the ring post and out to the floor as the referee counts. Ziggler follows and slams Theory face-first into the edge of the apron. Ziggler rolls Theory back in and works him over in the corner now. Ziggler takes Theory up top for a superplex but Theory resists.

Ziggler tries for the superplex but Theory sends him to the mat. Theory yells at the crowd and the boos get louder. Ziggler runs right back up to the top and brings Theory to the mat with a Facebuster. Ziggler landed bad on his knee but he covers for a close 2 count. We go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Ziggler is fighting to his feet from a headlock in the middle of the ring. Ziggler elbows his way out and rocks Theory with punches. Ziggler charges into the corner but Theory side-steps and sends him face-first into the turnbuckles. Theory rolls in from the apron, nailing a a dropkick to Ziggler for a close 2 count. Theory launches Ziggler into the turnbuckles, shoulder-first to the ring post again.

Theory talks some trash and says he can do this all day. Ziggler blocks a suplex and they trade more strikes now. Ziggler dodges Theory in the corner and hits a clothesline, then more offense. Ziggler mounts Theory in the corner with right hands as the crowd counts along. Ziggler drops Theory with a neckbreaker, then nails a big elbow drop for a quick pin attempt. They’re both down on the mat now, trying to recover as fans rally. Ziggler gets up first and starts hyping himself up but Theory catches a superkick. Theory runs into an elbow in the corner. Theory with a big shot to the lower back. Theory scoops Ziggler for a sit-out powerbomb in the middle of the ring for another close 2 count.

Theory shows some frustration now. He goes to the apron and gets hyped up, launching himself in with the rolling dropkick but Ziggler blocks it in mid-air with a Fame-asser. Theory still kicks out at 2. They’re both down on the mat, slowly crawling to each other to capitalize. They trade strikes from their knees now. They fight to their feet as the lefts and rights continue. Theory kicks the knee and Ziggler stomps back. Ziggler with a headbutt. Theory avoids a Zig-Zag and levels Ziggler with a huge clothesline in the middle of the ring.

Theory calls for it and scoops Ziggler for The ATL Down but Ziggler fights out and rolls him for 2. Theory rolls Ziggler for 2. Ziggler counters and drops Theory for a Zig-Zag in the middle of the ring. Theory still kicks out just in time and Ziggler can’t believe it. They’re both slowly trying to get back up from the mat now. Ziggler is up first. He hypes himself up and cranks up the superkick.

Theory stumbles to his feet and turns around to catch the superkick, then rolls Ziggler up and puts his feet on the ropes for leverage but the referee catches him. Ziggler rolls Theory for 2. Ziggler kicks Theory and goes for the Fame-asser but Theory blocks it and drops him with The ATL Down for the pin to win in the middle of the ring.

Winner: Theory

– After the match, Theory stands tall as the music hits and some fans boo. Theory takes his Money In the Bank briefcase and grabs his phone for a few celebratory selfies. We go to replays. The announcers hype next week’s RAW from Toronto now. RAW goes off the air with Theory continuing his celebration.

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