When Cherki makes Riolo hallucinate


Olympique Lyonnais has validated its ticket for the last four of the Coupe de France after his success against Grenoble on Tuesday evening. OL are counting on this competition to return to Europe next season.

“Cherki must be watched and guided all the time”

On the occasion of this meeting, the very talkative Daniel Riolo spoke on the airwaves of RMC, he who does not understand how such a young player and as inexperienced as Rayan Cherki can already be considered a reference player in a club of the stature of Lyon: “At OL there, Cherki has already become a taulier … That’s it , that says a little bit about the overall policy of the club. Cherki has this tendency to be like Ben Arfa to carry the ball and want to do the feat. It will be necessary to watch it constantly, to guide it. Yes there is the coach, but the teammates too. Cherki when he was able to join the group, Juninho didn’t want him because of his attitude, some felt that it was a bit harsh, that he had to be given time despite a delicate character”, thus thundered the polemicistAfterFoot.

“There are more and more places in an average team”

Daniel Riolo also considers that Cherki handicaps OL: “Juninho is gone, Cherki had two or three good matches and he was accused of having delayed his development. The context means that there are more and more places in a team that is more and more average and which has no offensive animation. So a guy who fiddles with the ball well, who plays two or three good matches, immediately becomes a starter. We therefore find ourselves with someone who already thinks of being a taulier ”.

“For him, being a prisoner is doing what he wants to do on the pitch.. He tends to get out of the way, to want to do too much and yes the coach is not very suited to that. Blanc was not very excited at the start of the season, he was tearing his hair out, but he can’t do without it. Everyone gets stuck with Cherki being the star,” the RMC columnist added.

“And then to make matters worse, the fact that PSG arranged for him during the holidays, because the handyman of the Mbappé clan is a bit like Cherki’s agent and there was a stir around him, which matched his good matches. Now that’s a bit of everything for Cherki at OL, but he’s still far from over, especially in the development of his football IQ,” concluded Riolo.

When Cherki makes Riolo hallucinate 24hfootnews.

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