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Wednesday Cheese Curds: More from Rodgers, but no 2023 news yet


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Aaron Rodgers appeared on the Pat McAfee Show again but didn’t give specific news on his future.

Welcome to Aaron Rodgers Watch version…3.0? I’ve lost track at this point. Whatever version we’re on, it’s another offseason of waiting to hear what Rodgers is going to do.

It’s not all that different from a particular era of Brett Favre’s career, except for the ways in which we hear from the respective quarterbacks. Favre news would come in dribs and drabs as we waited for him to make up his mind on the next season, but Rodgers news comes from a firehose. Every week we get a heaping helping, even if none of it has to do with the subject of interest to the Packers.

Which would you rather have? I might be in a minority, but I do like hearing Rodgers’ thoughts on certain aspects of the Packers’ season and roster, if only for the chance to compare Rodgers’ take on things to the prevailing opinion elsewhere. It does get a little tiresome at times, but I don’t mind a semi-regular check-in compared to an offseason of silence from Favre before he re-emerged from his offseason hidey-hole. Pick your applied medicine, I guess.

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