VCS 2024 Spring – Schedule, Format, and more


If you want to quickly catch up on the VCS Spring Split, here’s what you need to know about the Vietnamese League for the 2024 season.

VCS 2024 Spring LoL

Image Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

VCS 2024 Spring – Introduction

The 2024 Vietnam Championship Series (VCS) Spring Season is the first split of the fifth season of Vietnam’s fully professional League of Legends league as an independent region, meaning that the region gets direct access to international competitions. Below is the list of the teams taking part in this split:

  • GAM Esports
  • MGN Blue Esports
  • Rainbow Warriors
  • Team Flash
  • Team Secret
  • Team Whales 
  • Viking Esports

The format

The format for the VCS sees eight teams competing in a double round robin group stage, with all matches in Bo3. Compared to previous years, though, there is a slight change in the Bo3 format: the home team will have the side selection for game 1. The loser of game 1 will choose the side for game 2. In the case of a third game, the side selection will happen through a 1v1 showdown. At the end of the regular split, the top 6 teams will advance to playoffs, which will feature a double-elimination bracket, and the champions will represent the region at MSI in the play-in stage.

The expectations and teams

One of the greatest differences compared to other regions across the globe is that the entire VCS is currently only formed by domestic talents, proving that the pool is stacked with both veterans and young players. Nonetheless, there is still a gap between the top three/four teams and the rest of the league.

Team Whales, GAM, and Team Secret are currently the front runners. The VCS Spring champion will likely be one of the top three teams. Vikings Esports and CERBERUS are dropping a bit behind but they might be able to make some upsets happen later on.

The regular split is currently underway and will end on March 17. Playoffs will begin on March 21, with the final being held on April 6.

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