Update on Dana Warrior Working with the WWE Writing Team


WWE Ambassador Dana Warrior is now working as a full-time WWE creative employee, according to PWInsider.

We noted a few weeks back how Dana had been shadowing the WWE writers after approaching Vince McMahon for a full-time job. Vince reportedly asked Dana what she would like to do and she wanted to work with the creative team as she’s been a writer for most of her life. While there are other female members of the creative team, Dana reportedly felt like she could bring a female point-of-view to the product. It was noted in early March that Dana was being taught the creative process, but she was not actually on the writing team. Her role then was described as “something like an intern, but not quite.”

It’s believed that Dana began officially working as a full-time employee within the last week or two. WWE did want to bring an additional female perspective to the storylines.

Dana, the wife of late WWE Hall of Famer The Ultimate Warrior, signed a multi-year deal to work as a WWE Ambassador back in February 2017. She also presents the Warrior Award at the WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony each year.

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