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Trading Justin Jefferson – A Minnesota Vikings Mock Draft Exercise


Join Tyler Forness on The Real Forno Show as he explores potential strategies for the Minnesota Vikings, with a focus on the future of Justin Jefferson. Discussing possible trades, NFL draft implications, and the impact on the team’s new quarterback, this episode provides an in-depth look into the Vikings’ future. SKOL Vikings!

In the latest episode of The Real Forno Show, we tackle a highly debated question swirling around the Minnesota Vikings community: What should the team do with star wide receiver Justin Jefferson? The rumor mill, fueled by speculation from sports commentators like Colin Cowherd and Mike Florio, suggests a possible trade of Jefferson to the New England Patriots. Our host, Tyler Forness, dives into this possibility and its potential implications in a comprehensive manner.

Hypothetical Scenario: Trading Jefferson

To fully understand the potential outcomes, we decided to conduct a mock draft exercise for the Vikings under the premise of trading Jefferson. This isn’t an endorsement of the trade but an exploration of the potential ripple effects such a move could have on the team and its future.

Trading Up in the Draft

The mock draft exercise revealed that the Vikings could trade up in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft. The rationale behind this move would be to secure their future quarterback. This idea leads to the question: Could Jefferson, their current breakout star, be the key to this strategy?

The Mock Draft Selections

The mock draft, conducted using the PFF simulator, had the Vikings making a variety of selections. From North Carolina’s Tyler Davis to South Dakota State’s Isaiah Davis, the draft explored a range of potential recruits for the team. Each selection was analyzed in detail, providing insights into their possible contributions and fit within the team’s existing roster.

Potential Aftermath of the Trade

The show dove deep into the potential repercussions of trading Jefferson, an undeniable force on the field, to the New England Patriots. This proposed trade wouldn’t be a simple player exchange; it would be for a third overall pick in the draft. The discussion scrutinized the implications of such a move from multiple angles, including roster impact, draft strategy, and long-term team prospects.

The Potential Returns: Examining the Trade-Off

In addition to the strategic implications, the show also analyzed the potential returns from this speculated trade. The question arises: What could the Vikings get in return for Jefferson, and how would this impact their new quarterback? This part of the discussion delved into the pros and cons of various scenarios, providing a holistic view of the potential outcomes.

The Results:

PFF Mock draft results after trading Justin Jefferson to the New England Patriots

The Final Verdict: The Case Against the Trade

Despite the detailed exploration of the potential trade, the consensus on the show is clear: While the trade is indeed a possibility, the Vikings would be much better off keeping Justin Jefferson for the long haul. The idea to trade him was explored not as a personal recommendation, but as a strategic exercise to understand the potential outcomes better.

The Real Forno Show: A Deep Dive into Vikings Strategy

The Real Forno Show, hosted by Tyler Forness, is a treasure trove of insights into the Minnesota Vikings’ strategies and potential moves. Each episode provides detailed analysis, expert opinions, and the latest news and updates. This episode is no exception, offering a comprehensive look into the current debates surrounding the Vikings’ future.



Join us on the next episode of The Real Forno Show as we continue to explore potential strategies for the Minnesota Vikings, with a focus on the team’s future and the critical decisions that could shape it. From potential trades to NFL draft implications and the impact on the team’s new quarterback, our show provides an in-depth look into the Vikings’ strategic landscape. Don’t miss it!


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