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Tony Khan on If He’s Talked to Brock Lesnar About Signing with AEW After WWE Contract Expired, Praise and Respect for Lesnar, More


AEW President & CEO Tony Khan is hosting a media call this afternoon to promote Saturday’s AEW All Out pay-per-view.

Khan was asked if he’s talked to Brock Lesnar about possibly coming to AEW, if he has interest in bringing Lesnar in, and what he says to the speculation about Brock possibly signing with AEW. Lesnar is now a free agent from WWE after his contract expired earlier this year.

Khan said he “can’t comment” on the speculation or if he’s talked to Lesnar at this time.

Khan added that he’s enjoyed Lesnar’s work for many years, seeing him as a great fighter and a great wrestler. Khan also said he doesn’t think people talk enough about how Lesnar is a great worker. He believes Lesnar is one of the greatest “big man workers” he’s seen in the business. He ended the response by saying he has so much respect for Lesnar, but he can’t comment on any possible talks or interest.

As we’ve noted, Lesnar is expected to return to work for WWE.

Stay tuned for more on Lesnar and more from Khan’s media call.

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