Timothy Thatcher Hypes Upcoming Fight Pit On NXT, Talks Paying Homage To Renowned Grapplers Who Came Before Him, Working For WWE and more


NXT star Timothy Thatcher recently spoke with Sports Illustrated to hype up his upcoming showdown with former champion Tommaso Ciampa, which will be contested inside of the Fight Pit on tomorrow’s edition of NXT on USA. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

On his upcoming Fight Pit matchup against Tommaso Ciampa:

The Fight Pit is a prime chance for me to show how I believe pro wrestling can be done,” Thatcher says. “I’m very grateful at NXT, they let me be me. And this match is more about the struggle than it is the performance aspect, and Ciampa is definitely the right opponent to bring that out. Our first go [at TakeOver: WarGames] was quite rough, and now we get to follow that up.

How important it is to be behind everything you do in wrestling:

There have been times when I asked myself if I was making the right decision, or if I’d picked a path that was too selfish and doomed to fail,” Thatcher says. “At the end of the day, pro wrestling is always about what you believe in and how you think it should be. If you’re not behind it, it’s never going to work. And this is me.

Says he started as a referee before transitioning to wrestling:

I became a referee. It was a new adventure. Since I wanted to be properly trained for the job, I took all the wrestling classes. I was picking it up too quickly,” Thatcher says. “So I was asked to wrestle, and that’s how I got my start.

Getting to work for WWE, EVOLVE, and wrestle in Germany:

One thing led to another, and it grew bigger and bigger,” Thatcher says. “I never thought I’d be in WWE. I never thought I’d wrestle for EVOLVE or wrestle in Germany. But as the adventure continues, that’s the way it’s been. And I made the decision that, if I was going to uproot my life to do this, I would do it the way I believed it needed to be done.

How he wants to pay homage to the prestigious grapplers that came before him:

I want to pay homage to the people that don’t get the respect they deserve,” Thatcher says. “If I can pay a little homage to them, I’ll consider this all a success. And the Fight Pit is a wonderful opportunity to do that because it lets me be in my element.

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