Thomas Pieters on his LIV move: I’m not Tiger Woods, the financial offer was great


Speaking to Barstool Sports’ Fore Play podcast, Thomas Pieters was brutally honest about his decision to join LIV Golf. Although he knew that criticism would immediately follow such a decision, Pieters’ priority was to help his family, given the cash offer from the Saudi-backed competition. He’s happy with his career, but it seems like his goal was never to make a big mark.

“I’ve done 10 years of being on the road and trying to achieve my dreams,” Pieters told the Fore Play podcast, as quoted by 

“I’m not Rory McIlroy, I’m not Tiger Woods, I’m not going to be in the history books or have a massive legacy, and that’s OK.

I’ve made an unbelievable living out of golf, which is amazing for me and my mrs and my kids. I don’t worry about that at all, actually. It’s just sport. It’s just golf. Happiness is so much more than just playing golf.”

Thomas Pieters felt lonely

Pieters also emphasized that he felt lonely on the PGA Tour. In general, he was not happy with the situation as a whole. At that moment, LIV Golf appeared, which he considers a great option.

“As a kid you obviously dream about playing on the PGA Tour, winning golf tournaments,” he added. “I played a year on the PGA Tour. I did not like it. I got very homesick, very lonely, so for me that was kind of like tick the box, I tried it over there, wasn’t my thing and then LIV came around right at the right time.

Everybody who was playing on it last year that I talked to said it was very exciting, new and that was something that really spoke to me.

You can’t lie about it financially, it’s amazing, and it was something as a family, father of two daughters, as well with my girlfriend, it’s awesome to have such good schedule, as well.”

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