The Undertaker Discusses Dangerous Bump In Match With Goldberg: “A Couple Of Inches From Being Catastrophic”


The legendary Undertaker was a recent guest on the Pardon My Take podcast where The Deadman revealed some of the worst bumps he’s taken in his long illustrious career. Taker beings by recalling a matchup with former WWE champion Yokozuna back in the day.

Years ago, I was working Yokozuna. I give him a flying DDT. Yoko, at the time, was closing in at about 600 lbs., his body weight. He hit like a half second before I did on the mat, and it drove up a piece of wood that caught me in the ribs and snapped two of my ribs. That was pretty painful.

He then points out his Saudia Arabia showdown with Goldberg, a bout that will forever be remembered for its sloppy final moments.

The bump that I had in Saudi when I was working with Goldberg, I think that one was a couple of inches from being catastrophic. The way I hit on that one, it kind of set out nerve impulses to all of my injuries at once. It was like an electrical charge went through my body.

You can listen to the full interview here. (H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)

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