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The Titans-Aaron Rodgers trade rumors aren’t going away anytime soon


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Tennessee continues to be thrown around as a popular landing spot

Are you tired of hearing the rumors of Aaron Rodgers coming to Nashville to be the next QB of the Tennessee Titans?

Hopefully not, because it doesn’t seem like those rumors are slowing down anytime soon.

A new article over at The Athletic gives some predictions for the offseason, and topic #1 is about Rodgers and his possible departure from Green Bay.

In the article, possible landing spots are mentioned, and of course, the Titans are mentioned as one of the popular landing spots.

“Tennessee is a great spot for him,” the first exec said.

“I could totally see that,” the second exec said.

“I just don’t know that he is going to want to be in New York,” the first exec said. “Mike Vrabel and Tennessee seem more his pace. Whether Vrabel wants to put up with his s—, who knows? But Matt LaFleur was the offensive coordinator with Vrabel, so Vrabel could pick his brain.

Of course, other teams are mentioned that are probably more likely, such as the Raiders and the Jets, but there is also reason to believe those two squads could opt not to pursue Rodgers as well.

While Rodgers has certainly had a great career, I think it’s fair to wonder how much he has left based on this past season and whether his hefty contract, along with the price tag of whatever trade package the Packers would require, make it worth the investment for the Titans.

Secondarily, you also wonder how well Rodgers and Mike Vrabel would coexist. On the surface, it doesn’t seem like a great match, but if it results in wins, the two might be able to make it work.

Regardless, as the Aaron Rodgers saga drags on in Green Bay, it seems like the Titans will be in the mix of conversations about hypothetical landing spots for the well-known signal caller.

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