“The Saudis can buy OM quickly”


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“The Saudis can buy OM quickly”

While takeover rumors have been piling up for several years now about OM, Saudi Arabia is regularly mentioned in this regard. And according to former Marseille coach Rolland Courbis, a plan is indeed being put in place with a view to the 2030 World Cup.

Should we really believe in a sale of theOM ? Frank McCourt and Pablo Longoria, respectively owner and president of the Marseille club, have firmly denied this possibility in recent months. However, speculation is rife on this subject, and some Saudi investors seem strongly interested in the prospect of a takeover of theOM. A hypothesis that holds water in the eyes of Rolland Courbisconsultant for RMC Sport.

“I will not be surprised”

Contacted by 24hfootnews.comthe former coach of theOM moreover makes a direct link between this potential takeover and the friendly match of the PSG Thursday evening in Saudi Arabia : “ This match between PSG and Al-Nassr owes nothing to chance. Even if it sometimes suits some people to think that, chance, here, I don’t believe in it. And I’ll tell you why… I can tell you that Saudi Arabia has the same ambitions as Qatar. That of wanting to organize the World Cup, at home, in 2030. They are very clearly preparing for this and everything we have seen in recent months is part of this. It can be seen as big as a house that there is a desire to exist as quickly as possible, as their Qatari neighbor did. I will therefore not be surprised, after all the rumors that we have heard around a possible takeover of OM lately, that Saudi Arabia arrives in France and competes directly, frontally, with Qatar. “, estimated Courbis.

Courbis sees Zidane at OM with the Saudis

Rolland Courbis continues: ” Not only do I think that the Saudis can buy OM quickly, but also, if we start looking for who could be the ideal coach to lead their project… If we wonder who would be the best person to lead OM , someone who knows the city, who knows this club. A competent person, originally from Marseille? So it’s true, you can think of me. But I promise you, it won’t be me (laughs). But I am thinking of another Marseillais, from the 15th arrondissement, like me. And his name is Zinedine Zidane “. The future ofOM therefore has not finished talking.

“The Saudis can buy OM quickly” 24hfootnews.

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