Test Your PC Performance in Street Fighter 6


Street Fighter 6 releasing has had a long journey to release. We’ve gotten multiple SF 6 demos and more, but we’re now just days away! The game is going to be available across a few different platforms. It’s one of the more polished and taxing fighting games to turn up on PC lately though. That’s where the Street Fighter 6 benchmark test comes in.

When Street Fighter 6 release date hits, players on PC can jump in right away! While you could look at the minimum requirements to play Street Fighter 6, there’s also a free tool that’s now ready for download. It’ll test the specs of your PC to give you an official grade on how well you’re going to be able to run Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6 Benchmark test

Source: Reddit

Street Fighter 6 Benchmark Test

Street Fighter 6 finally releases in a few days, and PC players can check how the game is going to run. The benchmark test is a free tool which measures the performance of your PC. Rather than just estimating how the game is going to perform on your system, it’s going to test your hardware to give you an accurate look at the game. The Benchmark tool then delivers your grading, including a score out of 100. The tester actually runs a few different scenarios from the game, including one from Battle Hub, to see how it’ll hold up to the game’s actual performance.

The score you get from the Street Fighter 6 benchmark test is out of 100. Something over 91 is going to mean that you won’t have any problems with the game. Obviously, 100 is the best score, but anything in the 90s is going to make the game easy to play.

Below that, scores between 70 and 31 mean that you can play the game, but you’re going to need to make some adjustments to settings. You’ll need to lower the settings and tone down some of the graphical flares if you want to run the game reliably. On the lowest end, scores between 30 and 0 are going to mean you’ll have real trouble playing the game and probably need an upgrade.

The Street Fighter 6 benchmark tester is a great tool for figuring out how the title will perform. SF 6 is also one of the best PlayStation fighting games and Xbox, you obviously won’t need to test out your system there. The game is going to run perfectly on console right out of the box.

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