Surrealist, she “takes off her hat” at Noël Le Graët!


Withdrawn from his position as president of the French Football Federation following his inappropriate comments against Zinedine Zidane, Noël Le Graët is going through a big media storm. Despite everything, he continues to retain support. The latest, that of his former deputy mayor of Guingamp.

At the heart of the biggest scandal in French football since the episode of Knysna, Noël Le Graët bends but does not break. The Breton has still not resigned and he was simply dismissed from his post after the decision of the Executive Committee of the FFF. If he is still holding on, it is because he can count on the support of those close to him. This is the case of Mona Bras who hailed his journey.

The first life of Noël Le Graët

Before becoming president of the FFF, Noël Le Graët was mainly mayor of Guingamp. He had by his side Mona Bras, former heritage assistant during her first mandate. The regionalist and environmental activist has already suffered inappropriate remarks from Noel Le Graet when she was going through a divorce. However, she notes her professional success.

“I take my hat off to Christmas”

On the question of women, the world has changed, the slippages of before no longer pass, she explains. But I also feel compassion for Annie, his wife, and for his three daughters. They don’t have to be soiled because of the actions of the husband or the father. Afterwards, I take my hat off to Christmas for his personal journey “, she underlines for The Team. A recognition that did not come very well at a time when Noel Le Graet is charged with serious offenses….

Surrealist, she “takes off her hat” at Noël Le Graët! 24hfootnews.

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