Selknam and Peñarol put on Caliente El Clásico in Santiago


It was tough. It was tense. It was competitive. It got personal at times. There were no Argentines playing in this match. It was El Clásico. Chileans and Uruguayans competing for Selknam and Peñarol put on a Super Rugby Americas’ match to remember on Friday.

The match featured seven tries. The final result was a 35-24 win by the visitors from Uruguay. They sealed it with three late scores. The rugby played was Caliente.

Peñarol started with a bolt of lightening up their sleeve. From nothing space opened for Santiago Álvarez to dive over. Captain Felipe Etcheverry converted for the dream start. Selknam’s captain for the day was calm throughout; Matías Garafulic showed why he is a Chilean to look out for at the World Cup.

Garafulic got Selknam on the board in the 5th minute. His penalty attempt was swiftly followed by a conversion attempt. Selknam fired back following the penalty with Santiago Pedrero charing over. The conversion made it 10-7 after nine minutes.

Peñarol responded with their second try. N8 Manuel Diana did what he has done repeatedly in Super Rugby Americas 2023. The former Toronto Arrow was in the right place at the right time and had the strength to fight his way into the try zone.

With the try the visitors were back in the lead. It would not remain so for long; however, as Garafulic showed finesse to finish over solid team work in getting back up field. He missed the sideline conversion attempt but landed a penalty less than four minutes later.

Excellent defense from the Peñarol forwards denied Selknam a pushover try. Indeed, the story of the second quarter was aggression and defense. It reached boiling point on multiple occasions. This led to Agustín Morales being yellow carded and likewise Lucas Bordigoni. Felipe Etcheverry was too; albeit in his case it was for his tackling technique.

The second-half stated well for Selknam. Garafulic extended the home team’s lead with two penalties. Peñarol were ten points down but not interested in throwing in the towel. They fought back to claim the maximum. Having earlier been yellow carded, Carlos Deus returned to score. Etcheverry converted to end  the third quarter with the match poised at 24-21 in favor of Selknam.

Now enjoying good opportunities, Peñarol went one man up. Javier Carrasco was yellow carded twelve minutes from full-time. The attacking scrum was a penalty try awarded to see Peñarol leading by four.



Try – S Pedrero (8′); M Garafulic (19′)
Con – M Garafulic 1/2 (9′)
Pen – M Garafulic 4/4 (5′, 23′, 45′, 53′)
YC – L Bordigoni, (40′); J Carrasco (68′)

Try – S Álvarez (2′); M Diana (16′); C Deus (59′); Penalty Try (69′); T Inciarte (80′)
Con – F Etcheverry 4/4 (3′, 17′, 60′, 90′); No Kick (69′)
YC – A Morales (38′); F Etcheverry (40′); C Deus (46′)



1 Javier Carrasco, 2 Diego Escobar, 3 Lucas Bordigoni, 4 Santiago Pedrero, 5 Javier Eissmann, 6 Raimundo Martínez, 7 Thomas Orchard, 8 Ernesto Tchimino, 9 Lukas Carvallo, 10 Rodrigo Fernández, 11 Matías Garafulic (capt.), 12 José Ignacio Larenas, 13 Domingo Saavedra, 14 Clemente Armstrong, 15 Francisco Urroz

Replacements: 16 Tomás Dussaillant, 17 Salvador Lues, 18 Vittorio Lastra, 19 Pablo Huete, 20 Jorge Delgado, 21 Benjamín Videla, 22 Pablo Casas, 23 Clemente Saavedra

1 Matías Benítez, 2 Guillermo Pujadas, 3 Ignacio Peculo, 4 Felipe Aliaga, 5 Agustín Morales, 6 Carlos Deus, 7 Lucas Bianchi, 8 Manuel Diana, 9 Santiago Álvarez, 10 Felipe Etcheverry (capt.), 11 Alfonso Silva, 12 Juan Andrés Zuccarino, 13 Tomás Inciarte, 14 Gastón Mieres, 15 Rodrigo Silva

Replacements: 16 Emiliano Faccennini, 17 Mateo Perillo, 18 Diego Arbelo, 19 Juan Manuel Rodríguez, 20 Manuel Rosmarino, 21 Juan Francisco Torres, 22 Guillermo Juan Storace, 23 Santiago del Cerro

Referee: Pablo Deluca (AR)
Assistant Referees: Luca Solda (AR); Raimundo Fuenzalida (CL)
TMO: Ignacio Calle (CL)

Selknam and Peñarol put on Caliente El Clásico in Santiago .

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