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Roxanne Perez Reflects On Her SmackDown Debut, Talks Friendship With Cora Jade


NXT star Roxanne Perez recently joined El Brunch de WWE for an in-depth conversation about all things pro-wrestling, including her thoughts on her main roster debut back in October, and how she and Cora Jade knew that they would one day make it to WWE together. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Making her debut on SmackDown:

“That was very surreal. So, SmackDown was actually the first live WWE show that my dad actually took me to so I was maybe like 11? And it was over there in Laredo and he surprised me. He was like, ‘Come on. We’re going somewhere’ and I was like, ‘Where are we going?’ And we get to the arena and I walk in and they have all the WWE merch and I was like, ‘We’re at a WWE show!’ And it was SmackDown. So to have my debut on SmackDown and then be able to be in the ring with such amazing women that I — I actually know Raquel [Rodriguez] and Shotzi from the independent scene. So Shotzi, I had a match with her once on the independent scene and then Raquel, we never wrestled but she was on the same show that I was in my debut when I was 14. So I’ve known her for a very long time so that was really cool to be paired up with them and then, being able to wrestle one of my childhood idols, Bayley, everything in that moment, it was just so perfect. It was a really full circle moment and my mom was there as well so she was in the crowd and she was so happy so, yeah, that was surreal.”

On winning NXT women’s tag gold with Cora Jade, whom she is now feuding with:

“I feel like I keep saying it’s just so cool to me but it really is because when I was younger, I wanted to be a WWE superstar but I also wanted to be a WWE Champion. That was always my goal. At the time, I wanted to be Divas Champion one day and now, there’s so many more opportunities besides just the Divas Champion because that’s all there was. Now we have the Women’s Tag Team Titles, the 24/7 Championship, we have the Raw Title, the SmackDown Title so there’s so many more things to accomplish now for women in WWE and I think that that’s so amazing so, just to, in that moment, hold those [NXT Women’s Tag] titles with, at the time, my best friend, not anymore. But at the time, that was a very cool moment because me and Cora, we used to talk about when we were both on the independent scene, we hadn’t made it to WWE yet and we would message each other and say, ‘Oh, one day, we’re gonna be on WWE together and one day, we’re gonna be tag team champions together’ and to share that moment with her and be in the ring with her and just look at each other and say, ‘We did it. We manifested this.’ It was really cool.”

(H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling)

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