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ROTB Pick 3 Vs. Spread Competition: Super Bowl Championship


Updated Standings (thank you CCF!)

35. Mitch

34. CFWA, Chambana81

33. Iacardsfan, Wilmot515

  • What a tight race to the finish!
  • Tiebreakers: Predict the score of the game and the closest score breaks the tie..

Point spread:

  • PHI (-1.5) over KC

My Pick:

  • PHI (-1.5) over KC
  • Score: PHI 27 KC 20.

Your Pick?

  • _______ (_______) _______
  • Score: _______________

  • 1st Place: Cardinals’ mini helmet (pictured above)
  • 2nd Place: Cardinals helmet t-shirt
  • 3rd Place: Cardinals’ key chain.

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