Roman Reigns On Reuniting The Shield, His Leukemia & More


Roman Reigns was recently interviewed by Yahoo! Sports. During the interview, he discussed how it felt to reunite The Shield, filming a movie while battling Leukemia and returning to wrestling. Here are the highlights:

On Being Able To Act While Fighting Leukemia:

To be able to go out and be able to work once I was able to past some of the physical pain and the first few obstacles of the process, to be able to exercise my passion for creation, to be able to be on set and try something new, to see a new form of entertainment before my eyes, it was really neat,” Reigns said.

For me to kind of be in the moment and enjoy the island, that energy that I can’t even describe, that was really nice and really cool. I was able to take a hold of my life even if there were a few things going on with me that I couldn’t control, I still had the power to do something I wanted to do, I wanted to experience and see with my own eyes.

On His Return:

When we got to the comeback speech, I was scared because I wanted it to be perfect and I wanted people to really understand and really feel my gratitude toward the outreach,” Reigns said. “It was one of those situations where the closer we got, I was getting writer’s block, everything was going fuzzy on me. I couldn’t think straight and I think it was just my nerves. I kept telling myself, when you get out there, you’ll know what to say. Instinct will take over.

On Reuniting The Shield:

I’m super excited because to have gone through what I have gone through and have the perspective that I have, a lot of my heart is on my sleeve and in what I am doing right now,” Reigns said. “With the future being a little bit blurry, I just want to take advantage of the three of us being around, what we’ve built, this crazy foundation that we all stand on together. If this is going to be the last opportunity that we have, I want to make the most of it and enjoy it.

You can read the full interview by clicking HERE

Credit: Yahoo! Sports.

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