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Road Dogg On Backstage Fights: “They Used To Happen All The Time”


Road Dogg reflected on one of the most well-known backstage fights of all time, when Shawn Michaels lost some hair in a fight with Bret Hart, on his podcast Oh You Didn’t Know:

“I’ve seen this same thing happen in my backyard a million times. They were locked up, not really throwing no punches, but Shawn lost a chunk of hair.”

Road Dogg made a reference to the animosity between The Elite and CM Punk at AEW All Out, saying that such incidents used to happen often but that if there is a serious problem that will continue, it needs to be resolved:

“One just happened not long ago that made the stinking news, and people are getting fired and, holy mackerel, it used to happen all the time … it was just like, ‘Oh, the boys will be boys and they’ll beat each other up, and then they’ll fight together.’”

“If there’s real animosity in there, that’s a cancer that needs to be extracted.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.

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