Rennae Stubbs: “Casper Ruud played like sh*t for months”


Former Serena Williams’ coach Rennae Stubbs and podcast co-host Caitlin Thompson talked at The Rennae Stubbs Tennis Podcast about a curious situation involving Casper Ruud.

After winning his first title of the season at the Estoril Open, Ruud said his lack of publicity was due to the fact that his game wasn’t as flashy as other players on the ATP tour.

Stubbs said: “Although I would like you to explain to me why he’s complaining that he doesn’t get enough publicity after he won that tournament in Portugal but it’s basically the first time he’s won more than two matches at a tournament all year. And yet he wins one tournament and he’s like: you know I feel like I don’t get enough coverage. I’m like dude you’ve played like sh*t for six months.”

Caitlin Thompson added: “You want to show that you’re fun and able to in front of cameras and cool and taking a joke, get at me. Tell your agent he blew it. An oatmeal company came to me and said we saw that you started calling Casper Ruud Oatmeal Stallion, do you think he would do it and I said here’s his agent’s number, give him a call.

And his agent was like, he’s too high rank to consider something like this  So the point of this is Casper Ruud, it’s not actually the ATP that are causing you to have no public persona and more exposure, it’s actually your agent.”

What Ruud said about the lack of publicity

After the victory in Portugal, Ruud said about the lack of publicity: “People don’t write much about me. I think that’s also because I don’t have the most flashy game and most beautiful winners, forehand, backhand, serve. But in the end I’m winning quite a lot of matches. The ranking is 52 weeks, last year I won many matches.”

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