PSG: Neymar wants to leave, he has already chosen his future club


As Lionel Messi nears the end of his contract, Paris Saint-Germain would also like to get rid of another star, with Neymar. And unlike last summer, when the Brazilian did everything to stay, this transfer window could represent a real opportunity to complete an operation that would launch the Paris transfer window.

After two seasons of a few ups and a lot of downs, the MNM should dissolve. First to go could be Lionel Messi, since his contract ends on June 30 and an extension with the PSG has become quite complicated to consider. But his teammate and friend Neymar could also follow…

Neymar wants to leave PSG

This Wednesday, Sports Mediaset indeed confirms the latest indiscretions around the Brazilian star, whose contract with the PSG short until 2027. when he seemed determined to stay at all costs to the club, Neymar would now wish to leave, clearly feeling no longer wanted. The importance taken by Kylian Mbappé for a few months and especially since his extension could well be one of the factors which made change his mind the number 10 of the PSG, which remains the biggest transfer in history with its 222M€ in 2017.

And aim for Manchester United!

But where could he play next season? If in 2019 Neymar wanted to return to Spain and FC Barcelona, it is now towards the Premier League that he would turn his gaze. always according to Sports Mediasetthe 31-year-old star would have chosen to join Manchester United next season. The Italian media does not specify whether this file has anything to do with the possible takeover of the Red Devils by a Qatari investment fund. However, it seems that the wage demands of Neymar would block any negotiation for the moment, even though the Mancunian leaders seem to be ready to formulate at the PSG a big transfer fee offer.

PSG: Neymar wants to leave, he has already chosen his future club 24hfootnews.

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