PSG: A lie is revealed on the transfer window


The last hours of the transfer window were crazy. With in particular the Hakim Ziyech file which ultimately could not take place after Chelsea’s errors having sent the wrong document many times. It is therefore without attacking reinforcements after the departure of Pablo Sarabia from Wolverhampton that PSG will start their second part of the season. And Kylian Mbappé’s recent injury could well give PSG regrets for not being able to get the Moroccan winger on loan. Though.

The transfer window is often a lying poker game between clubs. But regarding the file Hakim Ziyech, the blame is placed on the London club, Chelsea. However, according to the independent journalist Roman Molina, if PSG wanted to recover Hakim Ziyech, he could have.

“Ziyech has never been a priority for PSG”

In his video published on Youtube in which he tells the backstage of the transfer window, Roman Molina evokes the case of the failed transfer by Hakim Ziyech : “ Ziyech has never been a priority for PSG. They want an attacking player. They are offered Ziyech two or three days before the end of the transfer window, four days. They start negotiations less than 48 hours before the end of the transfer window. It is the agents who offer them, if they had really wanted to do Ziyech, they would have done it long before, because Ziyech had been looking for a way out for him for months and months, there was in particular had leads in Italy. »

“Chelsea crashes”

PSG could therefore have done it before to bring hakim ziyechbut Roman Molina lays most of the blame on chelsea : “ Chelsea crashes, that’s true, but it’s not just that, there were other problems. But you have to anticipate before, you are PSG. As you do not anticipate before you find yourself in the water, as usual. »

PSG: A lie is revealed on the transfer window 24hfootnews.

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