Paula Badosa opens up on her admiration about Rafael Nadal and highlights one thing


Paula Badosa suggests learning how to deal with losses is very important as not everyone can be a Rafael Nadal. 

Badosa, 25, was once labeled as “the new Maria Sharapova” as enormous pressure and expectations led to the Spaniard experiencing depression and anxiety. 

Now, Badosa is more mature and experienced as she is dealing with losses in a healthier way. 

This week, Badosa kicked off her Madrid campaign and naturally there is a lot of attention on her. 

“For me failure does not exist. In the end, the one who highlights the failures a lot is more than anything the press because athletes understand the sport very well. And in tennis we understand that you lose every week, unless you’re Rafa Nadal. For example, last week I lost a match, but I try to take the positive things out so that I can do better the next week. Life is like that and not just sports, falling and getting up continuously. The word failure should not exist because it is very negative,” Badosa said, per Sportskeeda.

Badosa grew up idolizing Nadal

As a little girl, Badosa was following Nadal’s matches and hoping she would one day be one of the best Spanish tennis players.

Badosa achieved her childhood dreams as she is now one of the best Spanish players. 

“Rafa is the reference point for me. He is a worker, a fighter and has a great mentality. I admire him more and more. He has always been an example that I have looked at when I have faced difficult moments and if I want to emulate someone, it is him,” Badosa said.

Badosa has accomplished some notable things, like winning a WTA 1000 title in Indian Wells two years ago.

Last year, Badosa reached a career-high ranking of No 2 in the world.

Badosa’s next big goals are winning a maiden Grand Slam title and reaching the world No 1 spot.

It remains to be seen if Badosa will manage to accomplish her two big goals before she retires from pro tennis.

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