Novak Djokovic: I’m again wrongfully portrayed as the villain, nobody does anything


Novak Djokovic says Eurosport apologizing in private doesn’t change the fact that the damage has already been done and that he has once again been portrayed as “the villain.”

During Djokovic’s first-round match against Roberto Carballes Baena, Eurosport posted a video titled, “Novak Djokovic defied the umpire to take an early bathroom break in his first-round match at the Australian Open.”

After receiving the criticism from the media, Djokovic called out Eurosport as he sent out a post explaining that the “chair umpire allowed me to go to the toilet, but she told me I did not have a toilet break but a change over break.”

Eurosport removed the post and apologized to Djokovic in private but the Serb is still annoyed because in the eyes of many he is still someone that did something wrong during his Australian Open match. 

“Both times they apologised to me privately, but people don’t know about that. I know it, and you know it – because I just told you, but the majority of people who follow tennis will never hear about it. They will still think that I defied the umpire, went to the toilet and that I didn’t follow the rules. So, again I am portrayed as the one who behaves how he wants, which is completely untrue. I explained in my social media post exactly what happened,” Djokovic told Serbian journalist Sasa Ozmo of Tennis Majors.

Djokovic: Why has nobody come to my defence?

Also, Djokovic is not happy with the lack of support from the ATP and Grand Slams.

Djokovic feels the governing bodies simply cannot allow his name to be bashed over something he did not do. 

“Again, I am publicly asking a question: why didn’t the ATP or the Grand Slam come out and explain the situation, when they can see that the media are publicly lynching me? This has been happening continuously, there have been many situations like this one – but in the end nothing, it’s all the same. At the end of the day, if we are members of this Tour, surely there has to be some responsibility towards the players, some sort of protection. But no, ‘you do what you want and roast him as much as you want in media, while we remain silent,'” Djokovic said.

Also, Djokovic said it would have been better if Eurosport came out with a public apology instead of a private apology.

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