Nikki Bella On Injuries Playing A Role In Her Decision To Retire


On the debut episode of the “Total Bellas Podcast”, Nikki discussed her retirement. She revealed that injuries played much more of a factor in her decision to hang up her wrestling boots than what was portrayed on “Total Bellas”. Here’s what Nikki had to say:

Something we really couldn’t air on Total Bellas is that people didn’t realize how hard my comeback was for me to go back to a place that I called home and met the love of my life.

Something else to bring up is, when they showed you that I made the decision because I couldn’t hang with the girls in the ring anymore, what they also don’t air — because they never want me to talk about my neck — is … it’s because of my neck. She also says she could never turn her back on an opponent in a match because of the injury.

You saw what happened to Paige. Paige and I have the same hardware. So if I was to get kicked in the back of the head, I would get paralyzed too or even worse.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking HERE

Credit: Total Bellas Podcast. H/T ProWrestlingSheet.

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