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Nick Aldis Says He Is Grateful He Was Given The Chance To Be The Face Of NWA


NWA superstar and former two-time world champion Nick Aldis recently spoke with Sports Guys Talk Wrestling for a discussion about his work for the company over the last few years, and how grateful he is that he got the opportunity to be the face of the brand as long as he has, a position he still considers himself in even after losing the title over a year ago. Highlights from the interview are below.

Grateful that he was given an opportunity to be the face of the NWA:

“Again, something that I always tried to envision myself as if you’re not shooting for the top, then, what’s the point? I have enjoyed the fact that I’ve been the face of the company and the brand, and I do appreciate that it’s still the case, you know, even a year after holding the belt, I mean, haven’t hold held the title since I lost or dropped it last summer.”

Says he is happy that the NWA can provide wrestlers with good living off pro-wrestling:

“I think for me, it’s that and the fact that there are now a good number of people who have a regular paycheck coming in from pro wrestling, because of the sacrifices that I made in the work that I did. Obviously, Billy is financing it. He is the ultimate decision-maker now. But I think when I look around, and I see some of them are my friends, some of the people I greatly admire and respect, and to know that they are now getting a regular payment in their bank account every couple of weeks for being a pro wrestler, because the NWA is — Billy felt comfortable enough with me steering the ship, so to speak, so that they could grow it to that level where some of the boys could get taken care of, and they can pay their bills and they can feed their families. That’s probably the ultimate high point for me.”

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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