Neymar gets destroyed by Maluma


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In an interview with the show Alofoké on Youtube this week, singer Maluma returned to the episode of his breakup with American model Natalia Barulich in 2019, when the rumor of a secret affair with the Brazilian star Neymar had arisen and caused a mass of reactions to the ‘era.

“I had broken up with her and then I saw that they were together right after. It didn’t hurt my ego or anything but honestly yes Neymar took my girlfriend away from me… They were together 30 seconds after we broke upjoked the Colombian singer. When you break up with a woman, when you give her your last kiss or hug, she is no longer your wife. We said goodbye after that and then that was it.” Between this new release and his recent disappointments at the casino, Neymar has multiplied the tiles in recent days.

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