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New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles – NFL Divisional Playoffs Open Thread


NFC Divisional Playoffs - New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

Browns fans can use this to discuss the game.

I experimented with a live blog for the first playoff game today between the Jaguars and Chiefs. That was fun to do and helped me be engaged in the action, but I’ll take it easy for tonight’s playoff game between the Giants and Eagles. Here was my prediction for the game:

On one hand, I want to say that the Giants’ performance last week surprised me. However, if there was one team that they were going to do that against, it was going to be against the Vikings’ awful defense. The Eagles played them twice in the final month of the season, beating them 48-22 in December, and then 22-16 in January (although the backups were playing in that second game, so you can toss it out for the Giants; not the Eagles). Getting Jalen Hurts back into a groove since his injury is the only question here, but this is a case where the first-round bye was monumentally helpful. I’ll take the Eagles to advance. Eagles 27, Giants 17.

Despite the score I’m picking, I’m taking a chance with my bet that Hurts will be picture-perfect with the rested week, and the Giants will be a funk. If it’s a blowout in favor of the Eagles, maybe I’ll hit big! Here are the staff picks for the game:

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