New Report On Wrestlers’ Reactions To The Third Party Restrictions


According to Fightful Select, the wrestlers they were able to contact about WWE’s recent restrictions of third party platforms have said they have no intentions of ceasing their activities. Two wrestlers who they specifically talked to said that if WWE has intentions of preventing them from making money elsewhere then they will need to renegotiate their contracts to compensate for the limitations. So far, everyone seems confused about the language used in the letter and if WWE is really claiming they can’t use their real names to make money on the side from third party services like Twitch and Cameo. While several wrestlers were understandably upset, Fightful reports that the feeling isn’t unanimous and that some wrestlers understand that Cameo cuts into the profits from WWE’s meet and greets.

In case you missed it, WWE recently sent out a letter asking their talent to cease and desist all third party platforms. The letter insists that they own their real names and not just their stage names. When it went public, WWE sent out a statement that doubled down on their stance. One theory going around is that WWE was upset about Lana’s sponsorship deals, specifically with Bang energy drinks, but Lana says she wasn’t the final straw.

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