Naomi Names Sasha Banks As WWE’s Best Women’s Wrestler, Throws Praise To Asuka and Ember Moon


Former SmackDown women’s champion Naomi recently interviewed with BT Sport to talk all things pro-wrestling. Highlights are below.

Calls Sasha Banks the best woman in WWE:

I’ve actually said before, I would say Sasha [Banks is the best woman in the company]. Just watching her, I’ve worked with her myself and just watching her, watching her growth and knowing who she was before she became ‘The Boss,’ just her dedication and her mind about wrestling,” said Naomi. “You can like her and not like her. But I think as far as an all-around entertainer, I think she’s one of the best and we can go on, you know, [and] nitpick, but I just think her psychology and her way of thinking of matches from what I’ve just experienced and from what I’ve seen I just really admire that about her.

Also gives credit to Asuka and Ember Moon:

[Sasha is] not the only one there. There’s a lot of them, I think. I think Asuka is one of the best. I think Ember is one of the best. These women just — [their] psychology and knowledge of wrestling to me is just incredible. I say Sasha because we’ve seen her, we’ve been able to see her exude that the most.

Check out her full comments below. (H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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