More WWE Releases Revealed, Bad Sign for the Future of WWE Live Events


There were more WWE employee cuts made today, according to WrestlingInc. As we’ve noted, WWE has been fully releasing office employees that were furloughed back in April due to the COVID-19 cuts, but no wrestlers are being released.

It was noted that the WWE live events department is “in shambles” after the latest round of cuts. It was reported earlier this week that the live events and travel departments were being hit the hardest due to the lack of work needed from those departments because of how the WWE schedule was impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

There were between 12 and 15 releases from WWE’s live events department today. A high ranking Vice President was also reportedly let go, and it’s believed that this departure will be made public shortly. It was also said that while the cuts were extensive, some of the “higher, higher, higher-ups” may be retained. The releases were described as “spreading like wildfire” all across the company.

The live events department cuts are seen as a sign that WWE will not be returning to regular live event touring any time soon. We noted on Thursday how WWE Legend “IRS” Mike Rotunda was released from his job. His departure is seen as an indication that WWE’s plans for more upcoming live events may have been nixed.

Stay tuned for updates.

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