Mike Chioda On His WWE Release: ” It Took Me By Complete Surprise”


Former WWE senior official Mike Chioda was a recent guest on Talk Is Jerico to discuss his WWE release back in April due to the COVID-19 cutbacks. The longtime referee admits that he was not expecting to be let go, but assures fans that his referee career is not over yet. Highlights are below.

Being surprised by his release:

Yeah Chris, it took me by complete surprise. I had surgery in October first, in Alabama. And I had a torn rotator cuff and a torn bicep. So I went though surgery in Alabama, Dr. Dougas, and surgery went great. I’m healed up great, and I was ready for WrestleMania. I actually signed a new contract in the middle of March, my contract was up. I actually got a little bump in pay. And then I get a phone call on Tax Day, April 15th. So yeah, it took me by complete surprise.

Says he wasn’t given a reason for being released:

No, there was no reason. He — I asked if it came from certain people like Vince and Stephanie, and he said no. It didn’t, it’s not like they pulled me out of a hat and said, ‘Okay, we have to cut the company and Mike Chioda’s salary is the start of the thing, you know? It was just — I think something completely different. I don’t know if it’s heat, or — but how can you have heat if you have been off 6 months rehabbing? And you know, I hadn’t even been on Twitter or Facebook since 2015. So yeah, it took me by complete surprise.

Says his career is definitely not over:

My career is definitely not over. I definitely got plenty left. Whether it’s inside the ring or outside the ring, in training referees or working with talent and so forth.

Full interview below. (H/T and transcribed by 411 Mania)

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