Mercato Mercato – PSG: Campos does not want it, his future is written


Mercato Mercato – PSG: Campos does not want it, his future is written

There has been talk for a while now of Joao Felix’s possible departure from Atletico de Madrid to PSG. told you the opposite in mid-December and the trend is confirmed in the press. For the soap opera Felix, the Premier League seems to reach out to him, but not at any price.

Although his contract at theAtlético de Madrid runs until June 2026, Joe Felix should not honor it. This is indeed the information communicated by the CEO of the Colchoneros miguel Angel Gil Marine at the beginning of December. “I consider him to be a top player, world class, but for reasons that are not worth going into now, the relationship between him and the coach is not good, nor is his motivation. It is reasonable to think that he (Joao Felix) will leave. Even if I would like him to stay, it’s not the player’s idea. A departure during the winter transfer window has been mentioned in the press for some time and in particular in PSG.

PSG not interested in Joao Felix, the trend is confirmed

However, told you on December 14 that PSG were not going to launch an offensive. Indeed, neither the football adviser Luis Fieldsnor the trainer Christopher Galtier does not wish to include it in the plans of the Paris HolyGerman. And it’s not The Athletic who will say the opposite. In recent hours, the British media ensures that the PSGthe heart rate Barcelona and the Bayern Munich are destinations taken into consideration by the press for Joe Felix. However, the future of the Portuguese international would be written in the Premier League.

The Premier League yes, but not at any price

It’s always what The Athletic ensures at the beginning of the year 2022. Due to the difficulty of setting up a dry transfer via which the‘Atletico de Madrid could greatly be a winner, the economic situation of English football would appear obvious. The money of Joe Felixto know Jorge Mendeswould have entered into contact with several English clubs in order to agree on a possible loan until the end of the season and these conversations would have revolved around an amount of 21M€ for the rest of the season, namely the loan indemnity and the salary of Joe Felix. But the interested parties would only be ready to pay half of the requested loan compensation, matching the salary. liverpool wouldn’t be ready to follow in his footsteps after the hit Cody Gakpo when Manchester City just wouldn’t be interested in Joe Felix. As for Manchester United, chelsea Where Arsenalnone of these clubs would be ready to respond favorably to the demands of theAtlético de Madrid. The Premier League seems to be the next destination for Felixbut not under any economic conditions.

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