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Matt Hardy and Reby Hardy Don’t Like Current Storyline on Smackdown


Matt Hardy isn’t happy with the current storyline involving his brother Jeff Hardy on WWE Smackdown tonight.

Tonight’s Smackdown began with a car accident. The implication is that Jeff Hardy was intoxicated again and crashed a car that also had Jason Jordon inside. It’s received a split reaction online as a lot of people have found it to be in poor taste. Jeff Hardy has had a history of alcohol and drug abuse in the past. A segment following the car crash had all of Smackdown’s wrestlers gathering backstage to talk about how they’re not surprised that Hardy would be intoxicated once again.

Matt Hardy took to twitter immediately following the first 15-minutes of Smackdown to remind everyone how happy he is to be out of the company and working for Tony Khan’s AEW.

Reby Hardy, Matt Hardy’s wife, was a lot less passive aggressive about it.

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