Laporta opens door for Messi and puts pressure on PSG


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Day after day, the possibility of seeing Lionel Messi again in the Barça jersey seems to grow, and what was unthinkable after Argentina’s world championship title becomes credible. Indeed, after his supreme coronation, La Pulga was close to extending with Paris Saint-Germain, he who is linked until June 2023 with the French team. But the weeks have passed and the Parisian number 30’s desire to extend has visibly diminished. Faced with this, the leaders of Barça have decided to play their all, whether it is the players, the coach or the management, multiplying the calls of the foot to the former number 10.

Laporta does his mea culpa

And today, it’s the turn of Joan Laporta, the club’s president, to add a layer to Messi’s return to Camp Nou in an interview with the media. Report : “Messi knows he opened the doors to Barca. We will see. I have to find a way to improve the current relationship between Messi and Barca. The legacy I found when I became president was not not good and I had to make a decision that I’m not happy with,” he said. The next few weeks promise to be decisive, with the Argentine currently free to join the club of his choice. Barça is far from the only team to push to secure its services, Inter Miami in MLS but also Saudi clubs knocking on the door of the world champion.

To sum up

Joan Laporta, the president of Barça, puts a layer on the return of Lionel Messi in Catalonia. The Argentinian is coming to the end of his contract in June with Paris Saint-Germain and he still has not extended in France.

Laporta opens door for Messi and puts pressure on PSG 24hfootnews.

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