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Lance Archer Discusses Jake Roberts’ Influence On Him


AEW star Lance Archer recently appeared on Busted Open Radio for a new interview to discuss a wide range of topics. 

During it, he spoke about the influence of Jake Roberts and other legends on his career. 

“Jake’s been invaluable.  I’d like to believe I’m always learning and always finding ways to improve.  My in ring style, I think, in essence, I’ve figured out who I am and what I need to do to present The Murder Hawk Monster when I step out there in the ring and fight.  But, the one thing that Jake has done for me tremendously the few times that I’ve had an opportunity on AEW Dark to get a microphone is to present a whole new side of The Murder Hawk Monster.  More calm, maniachal, poetic but deadly version of The Murder Hawk Monster and that’s coming directly from Jake helping me find that pacing and timing in my verbiage in a way that makes me unique in that aspect.  When that time comes when The Murder Hawk Monster is speaking on Dynamite instead of just Dark that I get to have my voice and heard well.  Jake’s been invaluable with that and he’s invaluable with the roster.  There’s a lot of young guys that come to him and ask questions and he can give them a very old school mentality to add it to the new school way of wrestling that can make somebody stand out in the best way possible.  He’s invaluable to AEW.  He’s been invaluable to me.  His health has been really good.  It’s really cool to see Jake in this amazing, positive place in his life and be excited about wrestling.  It’s really fun.”

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